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  1. Poly Bags: A Buying Guide

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    The term poly bag can refer to any bag made out of plastic, though it typically references polyethylene bags. Polyethylene (PE), also referred to as polythene, is one of the most frequently-used plastics in modern manufacturing. Although PE is used across industries, one of its primary functions is as an affordable and reliable packaging material. In this context, PE is used to create bags with varying weight-bearing capacities. PE’s hydrocarbon molecular structure gives poly bags the ideal combination of flexibility, tensile strength, and puncture resistance to protect contents of all shapes and sizes. 

    If you’re looking for a versatile and cost-effective bag for your packaging applications, this guide will help you determine exactly what poly bag suits your requirements.


    Selecting the Best Poly Bag for Your Application

    Poly bags of different shapes and materials are not always interchangeable. One poly bag may be large and dense, designed to hold concrete fill, while another is so light that it can be torn by hand. To accommodate diverse packaging needs, Universal Plastics offers LDPE or LLDPE poly bags in flat and gusseted designs. It’s important to consider the optimal material and bag shape in advance to get the desired results. Here, we discuss these variables to help you identify the proper fit for your application.

    Poly Bag Materials

    Poly bags vary dramatically in their physical properties and potential use cases. These distinctions arise from the different forms of PE, which vary at a molecular level in both density and configuration. 

    At its most basic, PE is a strand of linked ethylene hydrocarbons, which may be highly linear, highly branched, or somewhere in between. The degree of branching determines the density of the plastic as well as its performance characteristics. If the hydrocarbon chains are mostly linear, they tend to pack tightly together, which generates strong intermolecular forces that increase the material’s strength. By contrast, branches interfere with the molecules’ ability to pack together, so heavily-branched polymers tend to form lower-density PEs. In these plastics, the intermolecular forces pulling the chains together are weaker because of the additional distance between the atoms.

    These chemical processes give rise to several primary varieties of PE:

    • High-density polyethylene (HDPE). HDPE is the most linear ethylene polymer, sometimes having just a single ethyl branch per 100 molecule chains. As a result, HDPE is the densest and strongest version of PE, typically used to create pipes and other solid components. However, HDPE can also form stiff, moisture-resistant poly bags for delicate or heavy materials.
    • Low-density polyethylene (LDPE). On the opposite end of the spectrum is LDPE, which comprises branching chains of various lengths. The loose molecular structure of LDPE creates a ductile plastic ideal for crafting film wraps and grocery bags. The primary disadvantage of LDPE is its low tensile strength, which decreases durability and makes LDPE bags prone to stretching or tearing.
    • Linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE). LLDPE is only slightly denser than LDPE, but it is composed of molecules with shorter branches, allowing for a more uniform linear structure. As a result, LLDPE is more durable and offers better tensile strength than other varieties. 


    The best material for an application depends on the product to be packed:

    • HDPE. Stiff and durable HDPE is typically used to package fertilizer, cement, and bulky industrial components. It may also be used for bulk quantities of grain, animal feed, or similar products.
    • LLDPE. LLDPE bags are available in light to heavy gauges and are ideal for packaging foods, consumer goods, and lightweight industrial products.
    • LDPE. At the lightest gauges, LDPE bags are best for single-use produce and grocery bags. Stiffer variants can form a wider array of flat and gusseted poly bags, including FDA-compliant, food-safe varieties. 

    Universal Plastics specializes in LDPE and LLDPE poly bags suitable for products ranging from grapes to gravel.

  2. Know the Difference between Various Polyethylene Bags – HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE

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    Polyethylene is one of the most widely used plastic types and is made from the polymerization of ethylene gas. They have extensive applications ranging from plastic bags and bottles to certain industrial parts and components. Depending upon the application, the density of the plastic is decided. For instance, high-density plastics which are absolutely non-permeable are used in making pipes, tanks, and so on. On the other hand, low-density plastic is used to make shopping bags, water bottles, and so on. These are categorized as high density, low density, linear low density polyethylene. This post explains the difference between custom HDPE, LDPE, and LLDPE bags.

    Types of Polyethylene 

    The process of polymerization of ethylene results in long linear chains of hydrocarbons branching in various directions. The degree of this branching decides the type of polyethylene. Using various types of polyethylene has several advantages, such as they have very high melting and freezing points. Here are the different types of polyethylene used for a range of products from polythene bags to pipes and fixtures:


    • High-density polyethylene (HDPE): This has minimal number of branches of chains resulting from polymerization. This leads to densely packed and bonded molecules making this type of polyethylene rigid, robust, and durable. This is used in making pipes, cans, toys, tubing, fixtures, and so on. So, this has more of an industrial usage.
    • Low-density polyethylene (LDPE): This is generated from free radical polymerization which leads to long and short branching of chains. This makes this type of polyethylene highly ductile but its tensile strength and durability are low. This commonly finds applications in plastic film wraps, grocery polythene bags, and slightly right plastic bowls and bottles among others.
    • Linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE): The polymerization of this type of polyethylene results in multiple short branches. LLDPE is strong and durable and offers puncture resistance to the product. The structurally short branches of this type of polyethylene easily slide against each other, without entangling in each other, when elongated. This results in high tensile strength and durability which is more than LDPE.


    While there are plenty of industrial and domestic applications of all the types of polyethylene, they are used to make polythene bags for specific applications. So you can make custom HDPE, LDPE, and LLDPE bags from light to heavy gauges. For instance, LLDPE bags in various gauges can be used for food packaging; however, these need to comply with FDA regulations pertaining to food packaging. With LDPE, they are ideal to create flat, as well as gusseted poly bags. Gusseted bags can accommodate bulky goods and increased quantities than flat bags. HDPE, although robust, is also used for making bags for packaging of food grains, minerals, fertilizers, cement, and most other bulky materials.


    Are you looking for specific types of polyethylene bags, polytubing racks, or anything specific? If yes, ensure you source good-quality plastic bags that meet the norms of the concerned regulatory body in the state. Also, make sure you get these bags from a reliable manufacturer and supplier such as Universal Plastic. The company provides HDPE and LDPE polyethylene bags in different specifications to meet your application requirements.

  3. Why Choose Universal Plastic as Your Plastic Bag Manufacturer

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    Over the years, a lot has been said about the plastic bags and their perils to the environment and people. However, that has not affected their popularity. Why? The reason is because they are the most functional packaging option that are cost-effective, easy to use, and convenient to store. They are beneficial to retailers and consumers in several ways, and thus are a popular packaging option in spite of all the shortcomings. Realizing the growing demand for clear plastic bags and other types of recyclable poly bags, they are being manufactured in bulk quantity in wholesale prices. Universal Plastic is one amongst such leading plastic bag manufacturers who have been around for over twenty years. Now, you may ask what makes Universal plastic one of the leading small clear plastic bag manufacturer in the U.S.? Let’s know why!

    5 Reasons to Choose Universal Plastic to Procure Plastic Bags

    When it comes to plastic bags, Universal Plastic is the name you can trust! Here is what makes us different from other manufacturers:

    • Rich Portfolio Under One Roof: You will be surprised seeing at the variance of products offered at Universal Plastic. They keep a rich inventory of ready to ship plastic bags such as:

      In addition to these, we also provide large plastic bags such as:

    • Quality Construction: Being in the business so long, Universal Plastic knows how best the plastic bags can be produced cost effectively with the expected quality. Universal Plastic only deals with high quality plastic resins that are in compliance to all standards set forth by the FDA and other regulations.
    • Customization: Customization is today’s trend. This is not different when it comes to plastic bags. Being a prominent plastic bag manufacturer, Universal Plastic offers several customization possibilities, which allows the customers to acquire plastic bags that best meet their requirements. Now, with Universal Plastic, you can be assured getting the exact bag you need for your product in any size, shape, color with any text, image or logo printed onto it.
    • Quality in Manufacturing: Quality is at the heart of Universal Plastic. The team looks nothing short than perfection. Every stage of design and production is closely monitored by the quality department and the products are tested on different parameters to guarantee optimum quality.
    • Efficacious Customer Assistance: The team at Universal Plastic is all set every time to provide efficacious assistance to the customers. All queries are answered by the experts instantly. This technical guidance helps the customers to choose the most appropriate bag for their specific requirements.
    • Pricing: At Universal Plastic, the products are available in wholesale prices. The team often comes up with attractive offers on bulk ordering as well. By availing our custom plastic bags wholesale, you can guarantee huge savings.

    Moreover, the team Universal Plastic assures quick turn delivery compared to several other small plastic bags suppliers or manufacturers in the market. You don’t need to wait for long to get your package to be delivered to your end. Owing to all these reasons, you can undoubtedly start a business association with Universal Plastic!

  4. Know Which Vacuum Bags and Pouches Are the Best for Your Food

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    Storing food items in vacuum seal bags is pretty common and convenient on both domestic and commercial levels. There are vacuum storage bags, which can be refrigerated and even frozen, thawed, and then heated. FDA-approved, good-quality thick plastic needs to be used for such bags to store food, as the bags be capable to withstand hot and cold temperatures. They should not melt when heated or crack and tear up when frozen. This happens when low-quality thin plastic bags, and hence FDA has separate standards for storing food items as there should be no risk of the melted plastic entering the food items inside. This post discusses various types of storage vacuum bags, and which ones are the best for storing food items.


    Types of Plastic Vacuum Storage Bags

    There are various types of vacuum seal bags in terms of their type, size, use, and so on. Here are a few bags which are considered the best to store food:

    • Laminated or Vacuum Pouch Bags: These are precut bags with external suction vacuum sealers. Pouches usually range from 3 mil to 5 mil in thickness. You can store perishable products such as meat and cheese in pouches to refrigerate. These are especially useful in restaurants and commercial kitchens.
    • Zipper Bags: These reusable bags are best to store leftovers, as well as chopped veggies as part of your meal preparation. These are mostly made of 3 mil materials, and are widely used to store non-food items as well.
    • Vacuum Sealer Bags: These are precut vacuum sealed bags, which can be sealed based on the volume of contents inside. It helps preserve food as it is tightly packed with no room for trapped air inside. Bag rolls can also be used as vacuum sealer bags.
    • Sous Vide Bags: Sous Vide is a type of slow cooking method, wherein food is cooked on a low flame at a constant temperature for a long period of time. The temperature is always maintained below the boiling point of the substance being cooked. This is cooked along with the plastic bag intact. Sous Vide bags are suitable for enduring heat for long periods of time.


    You can get your vacuum pack bags printed in case you want to promote your product. You can print your brand logo and mention the contents of your product with the kind of graphics you want. This is an easy way to promote the product. Since printed vacuum pack bags are reusable, customers tend to use it even after the contents are consumed.


    Factors to Consider When Buying Vacuum Seal Bags

    Here are some factors you should consider when you plan to buy vacuum storage bags:

    • Size of the bag: This factor would depend on the material you want to store and its volume. Also, it is important to decide if you need different sizes of bags or the same size.
    • Frequency of usage: How frequently you are going to open the bags is an important parameter. Especially when it comes to perishable foods. In that case, you can use small-sized bags, so that the food item inside is consumed in one go. If you remove some portion of food and again refrigerate the nag, the food inside is likely to perish.
    • Thickness: This is a very important parameter from the point of view the plastic being reusable. Thick plastic is durable and can be used again after washing it. This way, you can contribute to the environment by eliminating single-use plastic.
    • Bag rolls: If you require the same size of bags, buying a bag roll is a cost-effective option, especially when it comes to perforated bag rolls. Some bag rolls are not perforated. In this case you can cut the plastic to the size you want and seal it from both ends.


    Food Applications of Vacuum Storage Bags

    You can store innumerable things in these plastic bags. However, when it comes to food storage, here’s what you can store:

    • Leftover food
    • Refrigerated chopped veggies and fruits to prepare a meal
    • Dry snacks and dry fruits
    • Snacks for outings and picnics
    • Packaged food for commercial sale


    Are you looking for printed or plain good-quality vacuum seal bags? If yes, ensure you source them from a reliable supplier. Also, if you need them for food storage, make sure they meet the required FDA standards for food packaging. Universal Plastic is a known manufacturer and supplier of wholesale vacuum storage bags. You can get them at the best prices if you place a bulk order.


  5. Why Custom Printed Plastic Bags Are Important for Your Business?

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    Over the years, businesses have been investing in billboards, television commercials, and several other promotional items to establish their brand in the minds of their customers. Additionally, they have been investing in various small and large customized promotional items to make their brand stand out in the crowd. Although many of these promotional items have a certain impact on viewers and customer’s mind, nothing can match the intensity of impact created by a custom printed plastic bag. In recent years, there has been a big shift towards bags made of natural fiber or eco-friendly materials; however, custom printed personalized plastic bags remain a favored choice for many businesses. What makes them popular? Read the post to find answers.

    5 Benefits of Investing in Custom Printed Personalized Plastic Bags

    A custom printed bag can help improve your brand value in many ways. However, these five reasons will help you understand what makes them special.

    • A Big Canvas for Promotional Information: Let’s answer the basic question – what is the main requirement of an advertiser? Perhaps, a canvas that offers space to include all the important business information a reader would like to know, isn’t it? This requirement is perfectly matched by a small or large plastic bag. Taking advantage of advanced printing technologies, you can easily incorporate all your business information on these bags. By packing the purchased items in these bags, you can help your clients memorize your address, contact details, and working hours.
    • Lightweight: How does this feature add value to your business? Although eco-friendly promotional bags are good to see, they add to the total weight of the stored item. On the other hand, custom printed plastic bags will add weight to your brand name without increasing the weight of stored items.
    • Reusable: Most promotional plastic bags with a logo are reusable. Your customers would love to reuse them several times before they wear out. This will provide you several chances to make an impact on the minds of customers. Thus, you can do free advertising several times in one-time investment.
    • Abundant Varieties Available for Consideration: Plastic bags are available in various sizes, styles, and materials of construction. They are made of a variety of plastic resins; however, polyethylene is the most common material. Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and polyethylene high-density (PEHD) or high-density polyethylene (HDPE) are the two most common variants. If you approach a plastic manufacturer like Universal Plastic, you have the opportunity to choose from a variety of options including anti-static bags, FDA bags, resealable bags, pallet covers, mattress bags, medical bags, vacuum pouch – vacuum bags, and so on. These plastic bags can be easily customized with your business logo and other information.
    • Simplifies Every Day Storage and Packaging Hassles: Do you know what makes promotional gifts popular with customers? They add value to their lives in many ways. Promotional plastic bags with logo can do the same. In addition to carrying and securing their purchased products, these versatile bags can be used for a variety of applications such as packing and carrying materials during long-distance travels, packing materials for storage in adverse conditions, and so on. This way your customers will definitely remember a brand that assures reliability and helps simplify their daily storage, packaging, and transportation hassles up to a certain extent. If they happen to carry your bag to distant places, perhaps your brand will receive free advertising outside your local area.

    There are several more potential benefits you can easily realize by investing in custom printed personalized plastic bags. As said before, there are abundant varieties of plastic bags available for selection at Universal Plastic. If you are unable to make the right choice, you can approach the team of experts at the company. They will not only help you in bag selection but also allow you to make the right customization.

  6. Value Plus Clear Line Bags for Outstanding Protection, Convenience and Economy

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    Product storage and packaging is an important concern for industries that deal with sensitive or delicate products, especially the food industry. Thus, manufacturers, retailers, and suppliers are always on a lookout for efficient products that will help them assure the safe delivery of products to end users. Among the various choices available, seal top reclosable bags have gained immense popularity in recent years. These bags are made of clear plastic, and feature zipper locks, which helps secure the contents of the bag as well as provide a clear view of stored item. These bags are ideal for storage, display, securing, as well as shipping various types of products. There is abundant variety when it comes to these clear zipper storage bags. Value Plus Clear Line bags provided by Universal Plastic is one of the important types of clear zipper storage bags that have gained popularity in the food industry and several other industries owing to their beneficial features. This post discusses these clear plastic bags and their advantages in detail.

    Value Plus Zipper Bags – 4 Reasons to Choose Them for Product Storage and Shipping

    The following features have contributed to quick and easy acceptance of Value Plus clear zipper bags across the food industry.

    • A Suitable Replacement for 2 Mil Ziplock Bags: According to FDA standards, 2 mil Ziplock storage bags are considered ideal for food storage and shipping. Although these bags assure security, they may overkill at times. This is where 1.4 mil Value Plus zipper bags make a difference. They assure the same quality and strength as 2 mil bags, but at much lower costs. This is why these bags are becoming a suited replacement for 2 mil bags in various standard duty applications.
    • Strong and Reliable Zipper: The bag features a reliable, resealable zipper as regular 2 mil zip lock bags, which enables indefinite opening, sealing, and resealing. In this way, the zipper helps improve the shelf life of various food products by maintaining their freshness. Owing to their zipper, these bags are also ideal for storing items that require repackaging.
    • FDA Compliant: Made from high-quality virgin resins, these reclosable bags meet FDA requirements for food storage. This makes them suitable for storing perishable food products such as deli meat, cheese, seafood, ready-to-eat food, chocolate, pickles, and so on.
    • Helps Reduce Food Waste: A study by the Center of Sustainability & Commerce at Duke University suggested that one US customer generates 4.3 pounds of waste every day. They understand the impact of food waste on the environment, and are finding ways to minimize it. Value Plus clear line bags with their resealable packaging will help them keep the food fresh, and use it for a long time. So, there will be less food waste, and also they can save on secondary packaging items such as plastic wraps, foils, or storage bags that they have been using all these years to store the food.

    Types of Value Plus Clear Zipper Bags

    Universal Plastic provides the 1.4 mil Value Plus Clear Zipper Bags in the following sizes:

    F20203VP 2″ X 3″ 1,000 1 lbs
    F20304VP 3″ X 4″ 1,000 2 lbs
    F20305VP 3″ X 5″ 1,000 3 lbs
    F20404VP 4″ X 4″ 1,000 3 lbs
    F20406VP 4″ X 6″ 1,000 4 lbs
    F20507VP 5″ X 7″ 1,000 5 lbs
    F20508VP 5″ X 8″ 1,000 6 lbs
    F20606VP 6″ X 6″ 1,000 5 lbs
    F20608VP 6″ X 8″ 1,000 7 lbs
    F20609VP 6″ X 9″ 1,000 7 lbs
    F20708VP 7″ X 8″ 1,000 8 lbs
    F20810VP 8″ X 10″ 1,000 10 lbs
    F20912VP 9″ X 12″ 1,000 14 lbs
    F21012VP 10″ X 12″ 1,000 15 lbs
    F21215VP 12″ X 15″ 1,000 21 lbs

    These Ziplock bags are available in inner dispenser packs of 100 bags to ensure convenience and cleanliness. The inner packs are barcoded and labeled clearly to meet the FDA guidelines for use in food applications. Do you want to know more about Value Plus zipper reclosable bags? Please contact our team today.

  7. Guidelines to Select the Right Size and Mil Spec for Clear Zip Plastic Bags

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    Reclosable zip lock bags are widely chosen for shipping, packaging and storage applications. Made to offer outstanding protection to the products, these zip lock bags are immensely useful for several applications across industries ranging from food, manufacturing, electronics, construction, automotive and many others. Clear zip plastic bags are available in several sizes and mil thicknesses to meet the varied storage, display, and shipping requirements of the customers. As a user, you would be confused to make the right purchase from the options of several sizes available. So, how to choose the right size and mil thickness for your applications. This post is intended to discuss this in brief.

    How to Choose the Right Size and Mil Thickness While purchasing Clear Zip Plastic Bags

    Choosing the right sized zip lock bags are extremely important for your specific storage applications. Choosing a small bag can lead to split or tear when the user tries to fit in the content in the bag. Similarly, a large bag would cost more, whilst also adding difficulty in handling. So, how can you determine if the chosen bag rightly fits your applications?

    A few guidelines to consider to get the right fit clear zip plastic bags include:

    • To get the length (L) of the bag, measure from the base of the re-closable seal to the bottom of the bag.
    • To get the Width (W) of the bag, measure from side to side.
    • If your application demands storing rigid items, choose a bag that is ½ʺ more to the measured width (W) of the bag. Choosing the bag following this calculation allows the rigid item to easily pass through the bag opening without any difficulty.
    • As per thickens or bulkiness of the items, adjust the dimensions accordingly. For instances, you may add ½ʺ to 2ʺ to both sides of the bag for a looser fit.

    As clear zip plastic bags are offered in several sizes, they are also manufactured in varied mil thicknesses. You must choose Zip lock bags with the right thickness to get the expected results. A few things to remember while choosing mil for the bags include:

    • Choose reclosable bags with 1 Mil to store products for a shorter time.
    • Select 1.5 Mil zip bags if your application demands protecting the items from dirt, and moisture, among others.
    • Choose 2 Mil clear ziplock plastic bags to store products requiring normal protection.
    • 3 Mil bags are usually chosen when there is a need for extra protection when storing nuts, bolts, or other industrial parts.
    • Make use of 4 Mil zip lock bags to store metal parts that require heavy-duty protection.
    • 6 Mil bags are usually chosen to store bulky items or sharp cornered parts. The bags with this thickness impart extra heavy-duty protection to the items stored.

    Your confusions regarding selecting the right sized clear zip plastic bags can be rectified by talking to the manufacturer from whom you are procuring the item from. Almost all the leading plastic bag manufacturing and packaging supplies companies like Universal Plastics would maintain a competent customer care team who stands committed to clarify the doubts of the customers regarding the selection of the right sized bags. Such leading manufacturers also lead you towards a wise purchase after analyzing your application requirements to the fullest!

  8. 6 Essential Reasons for Choosing Stand Up Pouches

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    Packaging has become an important part of the branding exercise as it is the face of the product. It not only protects your food or items within but helps retain the freshness and original properties. Nowadays, there are many options when it comes to packaging, and this includes stand up pouches. Top brands from various industries are replacing the conventional way of packaging with flexible packaging methods because of their focus on using environment-friendly and lightweight packaging materials. Stand up pouches fit into all these categories and literally stand on retail shelves. So, they are widely accepted, popular, and the go-to option for manufacturers of food, beverages, care products, vitamins, pet food, and so on. These microwavable pouches and bags feature easy-open tear notches and strong lock closure that maintains the freshness of products for a long time. Still, you are not sure how and which pouch to determine for your product? Read the post to know more.

    Why Choose Stand Up Pouch for Product Packaging?

    Choosing your packaging criteria always starts with the identification of the main need of your product. Following are some important reasons why stand-up pouches and bags could be the best option for your product.

    • Better Brand Awareness: As mentioned packaging acts as an important branding and sales tool. Packages that lie on the shelves provide minimum visibility, whereas, stand up pouches act like its own poster or hoarding by standing upright on the shelf. They offer better visibility and space for high-resolution graphics to attract consumers.
    • Product Preview: The primary focus for the stand-up pouch is to display the pouch contents and showcase the inside product. A stand-up laminated pouch will highlight your product neatly, also avoid distorting the shape. Also, the important and mandatory information listed on the packet is clearly visible from a distance, in case of stand-up pouches.
    • Promote and Sell: Stand up pouches come in varieties of sizes and lengths across different market segments. In this, the primary focus for a pouch is to offer smaller or sample quantities of products to promote them and build brand awareness. The promo packs take up less space and are perfect for packing a sample size. The promo packs allow the consumer to experience your product without any commitment to buy.
    • Preserve and Protect: Stand up pouches are not only excellent for displaying your product, but its ability to store and protect makes them popular. The gauge of the pouch plays a crucial role in protecting any kind of product, including a sharp or bulky object. Although, you can use these bags to store freezer items. When selecting a bag, consider the gauge and some special additives in the material that are essential for preserving and protecting products.
    • Convenience and Portability: These flexible stand-up pouches occupy less space on the shelf or kitchen shelf than jars or boxes. They can be carried or transported from one place to another without any hassles and leakage issues. In addition to this, they feature a re-closable zipper. This helps the consumer to re-seal the pack if some content is remaining in the pouch.
    • Sustainability and Savings: Like all flexible packaging, stand up pouches requires fewer materials and less energy to make. Rigid packaging costs three times more energy per unit than stand up pouches. This means laminated stand-up pouches offer cost savings and better profit margin for the business. When it comes to distribution, more units of stand-up pouches fit in a single-vehicle and thus help save fuel costs as well.

    All the outlined features make stand-up pouches stand tall in the packaging industry. No wonder they are one of the fastest-growing pack formats. Are you looking forward to buying stand-up pouches for your product or brand? If yes, then you consider consulting some industry-leading plastic bag manufacturer like Universal Plastic. The company manufactures a full range of flexible packaging for their client. Their wide range of inventory includes plastic bags, re-closable bags, trash can liners, garment bags, and more.

  9. 11 Types of Plastic Bags Used in Healthcare Packaging

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    There are strict regulations the medical and pharmaceutical sectors have to comply with when it comes to tamper-proof packaging, waste disposal, and transfer of medicines. Also, the bags in which packaging is done or the waste is disposed need to comply with the regulatory standards set for the concerned state, regarding plastic disposal and recycling. The bags need to be recyclable. There are a number of plastic medical bags or pharmacy bags used in these two sectors for various applications ranging from dressing disposal waste bags, specimen bags, and adhesive closure bags to bedside and respiratory setup bags. This post discusses various types of plastic bags used in the healthcare sector for packaging and disposal among others.

    Types of Plastic Bags Currently Used in Healthcare Packaging

    Based on the purpose and contents, there are various types of medical bags available. Here are some of them:

    • Adhesive Closure Bags: This is a non-printed bag with a two-wall construction. They are used to enclose adhesives and have a tamper-evident perforation for easy access.
    • Bedside Bags: These bags have two adhesive strips and can be attached to bedside tables. They are use in hospitals or care centers and are convenient for patients.
    • Dressing Disposal Bags: This is red-colored non-printed bag made of high-density plastic. They are used to discard wound dressings.
    • Specimen Bags: These bags come with the “hazard” mark and are ideal to transfer specimens from hospitals to labs. They have a three-wall construction and an outer pouch which helps accommodate the related documentation.
    • Pharmacy Bags: These extremely durable bags are made from high-density polyethylene. They are robust and have a latex-free adhesive tape closure. These bags are opaque white and hence help with the patient’s privacy.
    • Respiratory Setup Bags: These bags have drawstrings and are used to carry respiratory equipment such as endothelial tubes and bag valve masks.
    • Sterilization Bags: These are green tinted bags used for gas sterilization of various equipment and components.
    • Waste Bags: These are linear low density liners with sealed bottoms. They protect the user or handler from the contents inside. They display the biohazard symbol and warnings in prevalent languages such English and Spanish. They are used to carry and dispose infectious waste.
    • Ziplock-Reclosable Bags: They have a reclosable seal and are used to carry drugs or small medical tools and equipment. The printing is done as per the requirement. For instance, these bags may carry information such as “refrigerate”, lab specimen”, Narcotic Drug”, or anything relevant depending upon the use.
    • Water Soluble Bags: These bags are environmentally friendly and are used to transfer contaminated linen to the laundry. This reduces contact of the medical staff with the laundry stuff and helps maintain hygiene. These bags are completely soluble in water at a temperature of 140° F. They can withstand dirty and moist linen for hours, without damaging them.
    • Transfer Bags: These bags have a tamper-evident seal closure. They come with an integrated perforation for easy tearing. Extremely strong adhesives are used for this seal closure. They are used to safely transfer or transport the required drugs from the pharmacy to the site where they are needed. They are labeled accordingly.

    Legal Norms for Medical Bags by WHO

    It is crucial that plastic medical bags, specimen bags or pharmacy bags should be free of contamination. Hence, the quality of these bags is crucial. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), here are some of the norms all the manufacturers of such bags need to comply with:

    • The bags should protect the contents within from the external environment.
    • They should be sterile and totally free of dirt and biological contamination.
    • They should carry the correct product identification and information.
    • The packaging material should be non-reactive and not react with either the internal contents or the outside environment.
    • The packaging itself should not in any way damage the product.
    • The plastic packaging should protect the product against light, moisture, physical damage, oxygen, and temperature variations.
    • They should be able to retain the purity, strength, and quality of the contents inside.

    Aside this, there are different norms for labeling of the drugs or other contents on the bag. Some of the mandatory information which should be printed on the bags includes drug name, batch number, list of active ingredients, special storage conditions, expiry date, name and address of the manufacturer, and so on.

    If you are in the healthcare sector and looking for a safe waste disposal without harming the environment, ensure you use good-quality plastic bags that meet the norms of the concerned regulatory body in the state. Also, make sure you source these bags from a reliable manufacturer and supplier such as Universal Plastic.

  10. Why Choose Universal Plastic as Your Custom Poly Bags Manufacturer

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    Poly bags are one of the most common types of plastic bags, which are used to transport and store a variety of items. These bags are lightweight and possess a sleek design, smooth curves, and are flexible in nature. Poly bags are affordable, and available in a variety of colors and sizes. Owing to their versatility and popularity, today, it is easy to find several custom poly bag manufacturers in the US, and Universal Plastic stands tall among them. The company has been around for over twenty years, and specializes in custom poly bags. How is the company different from its other competitors? This post discusses why you should consider Universal Plastic for your custom printed poly bags.

    What Makes Universal Plastic a Preferred Custom Poly Bag Manufacturer and Supplier among its Clients?

    Protecting purchases from weather elements and contaminants is always important. This is where poly bags can help. It is important to purchase these bags from trusted manufacturers like Universal Plastic. The following points will help you understand how Universal Plastic stands out from its competitors.

    • A Wide Array of Products: Universal Plastic offers a wide variety of poly bags to meet storage and shipping needs of industries. Their product line includes the following and more:

      All these bags are provided in standard and custom sizes, with logos printed on them. Fonts, colors, and logos can be easily customized to ensure that the poly bag matches the branding requirements of users.

    • Advanced Manufacturing Capabilities: The Company produces all its bags at its well-equipped facility in Ontario, California. Over the years, Universal Plastic has invested in advanced quality equipment and technologies, which helps it assure quality production. As the company produces all its bags at its facility, so it doesn’t need to rely on middlemen to source their products, and cut on several costs.
    • Quality: With strict adherence to quality, the company has won good reviews from its customers over the years, and repeat business, too. All its bags are made of high-quality 100% pure raw materials, so they are tough to carry loads and protect goods. The bags are designed such that they protect stored items from harsh environmental elements and standard contaminants.Many poly bags from Universal Plastic have already gained popularity in the market, owing to their high quality, yet special designs. For instance, mattress bags, which are one of the important types of furniture bags, are designed to provide extreme protection to mattresses and pillows. These bags are made from heavy gauge material such as generous gusset, which protects against contamination and dirt. Generous gusset material allows the bag to slip on pillow top and standard mattresses. Additionally, these bags feature vent holes, which help get rid of excess air.
    • Industries Served: Since inception, Universal Plastic has served clients from across industries. It understands their typical requirements, and has been successfully supplying them with custom poly bags for the past many years. The company has served clients from small local businesses to multinational corporations. These clients belong to industries such as medical and healthcare, food and pharmaceutical, amusement parks, casinos, fashion and apparel, laboratory, electronics, and more.
    • Fast Shipping: Universal Plastic assures the fast shipping times in the industry. It understands how various businesses use custom poly bags for branding purposes. The companies that use these bags on a regular basis cannot afford to lose an opportunity to promote their brand. So, the team at Universal Plastic works hard to ensure prompt delivery of plastic bags.
    • Customer Service: Being a customer-centric custom printed poly bag manufacturer, customer satisfaction is at the core of its business. Customer service executives at the company work with clients to address their business needs and suggest them appropriate bags. Their industry experience coupled with their knowledge on the bag specifics for each industry allows them to serve clients efficiently.
    • Affordable Pricing: The Company provides quality bags on low prices, and provides 5% to 60% off on bulk purchases of certain products. The affordable pricing coupled with quality bags makes these poly bags popular with its customers.

    Universal Plastic assures the same attention to all its clients irrespective of their business size. Owing to its excellent customer service capabilities, Universal Plastic is also counted among one of the leading poly bag suppliers in the US. Please visit the website for more details.