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1.0 Mil Plastic Bags on Roll

Universal Plastic's diverse collection of 1.0 Mil Bags on Roll, where strength, versatility, and affordability converge. Our blue-tinted bags serve many purposes, from safeguarding Durable Medical Equipment (DME) covers to efficiently lining boxes in food processing. With Universal Plastic, you'll find the perfect bag size for any job, ensuring your equipment and products stay protected and well-organized. Experience the convenience and reliability of our bags on roll, tailored to exceed your expectations.

Key Features:
  • Convenient Roll Packaging: Our 1.0 Mil Bags on Roll is for your convenience. Unroll the exact length you need, making these bags easy to use, store, and distribute throughout your facility.
  • Economical and Strong Low-Density Material: Crafted from robust low-density material, our bags provide strength and cost-effectiveness. Enjoy reliable performance without breaking the budget, ensuring your equipment and products remain secure during storage and transportation.
  • FDA Compliant and Blue-Tinted: Universal Plastic prioritizes quality and safety, ensuring our bags are FDA compliant for various applications. The blue tint adds a practical touch, helping you identify any breaks or tears in the bag, thus preventing potential damage.

Explore the potential of Universal Plastic's 1.0 Mil Bags on Roll, designed to improve equipment protection and streamline food processing operations. From DME equipment covers to food box liners, our bags meet diverse industry needs while adhering to the highest performance and safety standards. Secure your order today and experience the reliability of Universal Plastic's bags on roll for all your equipment and packaging requirements.
SKU SIZE Case Qty Weight Buy 1 Buy 6 Buy 11 Select Qty
BOR1282612" X 8" X 26"500 18 lbs$67.24$63.88$60.52
BOR1432214" X 3" X 22"500 13 lbs$53.64$50.95$48.27
BOR15924R15" X 9" X 24"500 20 lbs$88.84$84.40$79.96
BOR16145416" X 14" X 54"250 27 lbs$105.02$99.77$94.51
BOR18152118" X 15" X 21"250 12 lbs$46.55$44.22$41.89
BOR193419" X 34"500 22 lbs$78.60$74.67$70.74
BOR2053520" X 5" X 35"500 30 lbs$116.78$110.94$105.10
BOR20535T20" X 5" X 35"500 30 lbs$133.38$126.71$120.04
BOR21133021" X 13" X 30"500 34 lbs$121.57$115.49$109.41
BOR22122622" X 12" X 26"250 15 lbs$58.62$55.69$52.76
BOR22165822" X 16" X 58"100 15 lbs$59.31$56.34$53.37
BOR10G-282256B28" X 22" X 56"50 10 lbs$56.85$54.01$51.16
BOR28226028" X 22" X 60"150 30 lbs$119.77$119.77$119.77
BOR3674536" X 7" X 45"100 13 lbs$51.54$48.97$46.39
BOR38264838" X 26" X 48"150 31 lbs$120.11$114.10$108.10
BOR40204840" X 20" X 48"150 29 lbs$111.29$105.73$100.16
BOR4046R40" X 46"200 25 lbs$103.91$98.71$93.52
BOR42326042" X 32" X 60"150 45 lbs$172.49$163.87$155.24
BOR504550" X 45"250 38 lbs$145.67$138.38$131.10
BOR725272" X 52"200 50 lbs$181.29$172.23$163.16
BOR7252T72" X 52"100 25 lbs$125.19$118.93$112.67
BOR805280" X 52"200 56 lbs$214.43$203.71$192.99
BOR13052130" X 52"50 23 lbs$86.41$82.09$77.77

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