Plastic bags are used for different packaging purposes in the construction industry. They can be used to contain trash generated during the construction to store expensive items to transport various construction-related items from warehouses to the construction site. Being used for diverse purposes, it is essential to invest in quality bags. At Universal Plastic, we provide heavy-duty polyethylene bags that are designed to meet the packaging requirements of the construction industry. Browse our selection to see the industrial bags for packaging building materials.

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Types of Bags Offered at Universal Plastic:

We provide a wide range of polyethylene bags for the building materials industry in standard and custom sizes. The following are a few popular types of polyethylene bags offered by us for building materials.

  • Clear Poly Bags: Clear poly bags offer visibility and help organize construction materials. These bags are extensively used for packaging and storing electrical connectors, plumbing fittings, or other small components to keep them clean and managed on the construction site. These bags are also used for facilitating proper waste management and recycling efforts.
  • Anti-Static Bags: If you are looking to protect your expensive electronics from static discharge, you have landed in the right spot. Anti-static bags are characterized by their distinctive metallic or silver appearance on the outside and protect sensitive electronic components from static electricity.
  • Pallet Covers: Pallet covers are used to safeguard palletized materials during transportation, storage, or outdoor exposure and are crucial for warehousing and shipping operations. It protects the stored items on the pallets from dust, moisture and adverse weather conditions, including snow, rain, wind, and UV exposure. Their durable built quality provides great security and can be secured with tie-downs or fasteners to keep the cover in place.
  • Trash can liners: Our trash can liners provide a convenient and efficient way to dispose of waste on construction sites to keep the area clean. These bags use both LDPE and HDPE and their wide range of characteristics increases the efficiency of the recycling process. We at Universal Plastic, one of the top providers of plastic trash bags in the business, provide a broad selection of trash can liners in clear and black at discount rates to manage your toughest operations.
  • Furniture Bags: The bags are quite useful for long-term furniture storage, especially when the construction project is paused or delayed. These bags safeguard the items from humidity, dust and other potential sources of damage, and it ensures furniture stays in excellent condition.
  • Clear Ziplock bags: These bags are used for storing small tools or components. They create a moisture-resistant environment and protect them from rust and corrosion. We help clients to choose clear ziplock bags of various sizes and thicknesses to suit their storage, display, and shipping needs.

 Why Partner with Universal Plastic for Polyethylene Bags for Building Materials Supply

Since the inception, we have only worked with industrial clients, and have designed our systems to prioritize their needs and serve them above the contract specifications. This commitment to customer satisfaction has earned us several trusting customers in the building materials supply industry. The following are a few reasons that make us popular with our clients from the construction industry.

Here are the top five reasons why Universal Plastics is the ideal choice for your plastic bags packaging needs:

  • We understand the challenging environments in the construction industry. This is why we choose only high-quality raw materials for construction
  • We work closely with clients to design polyethylene bags that meet their purpose. Although many of our competitors provide standard-sized bags, we specialize in customized bags created for a specific application.
  • Be it standard or specially made bags, they can be customized with your logo and other brand information. Our experts will help you create brand uniformity throughout.
  • We assure best prices on the bulk purchases of standard and custom printed bags.
  • Every client is important for us, this is why they are attended by a dedicated customer service expert. Our experts are always happy to answer your concerns and queries on the best bags.

Over the years, we have emerged as a market leader in design, manufacturing, and supply of polyethylene bags for the building materials supply industry. We understand what you want, and have always strived to deliver you beyond expectations. Feel free to contact us today to identify opportunities for working together.

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