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Plastic Bags

High-Quality Clear Plastic Bags for All Your Storage, Transportation, and Packaging Needs Clear plastic bags, which are also referred to as poly bags, are plastic bags that offer a clear view of contents stored inside. These plastic bags are widely used across various industries for storing, packaging, and protecting items in all sizes from environmental elements. Being one of the leading plastic bag manufacturers in the US, Universal Plastic provides clear plastic bags in various thicknesses and lengths to secure several types of hard and delicate items such as food, furniture, clothes, and so on. We provide attractive discounts on bulk orders.


Popular Clear Plastic Bags at Universal Plastic

Packaging, storing, and securing items is a big challenge for our clients across various industries. Being a trusted and one of the most preferred plastic bag manufacturers, we understand the storage and packaging requirements of these clients. The following are the most popular types of clear plastic bags available with us.

  • Auto Bags: Kwik Fill® bags provided by us are widely considered for packaging and storing automatic packaging equipment. These small clear plastic bags are made of our exclusive resin and assure lasting performance.
  • Bags on Roll: Clear plastic bags on a roll enables you store and dispense packaging bags effectively. We provide a wide range of clear durable medical equipment (DME) covers in various sizes to meet your application requirements. These bags help protect your equipment from vapor, grease, and moisture.
  • Door Knob Bags: As their name suggests, these are small plastic bags, which are designed for holding circulars, newspaper, or advertisements on the doorknob. We are both – a small plastic bag manufacturer and supplier, which makes us the right choice for all your small plastic bag needs. This is why you will get doorknob bags in various thicknesses such as 0.45 mil, 0.65 mil, and 0.8mil.
  • Dry Cleaner Bags: Clear garment bags are used by uniform cleaners, dry cleaners, and laundries for storing, packaging, and securing ironed and dry cleaned clothes. Our dry cleaner bags are packed on perforated rolls, which enables easy dispensing.
  • Food Bags: Made of FDA compliant material, these bags are widely used in delis, bakeries, donut stores, convenience stores, and supermarkets for storing delicate and perishable food items. We can customize these clear plastic bags with your brand information. You can order these custom plastic bags at attractive wholesale prices.
  • Food Wrap Bags: One of the key requirements of any food wrap packaging is its heat resistant composition, and we assure it easily. Being a small plastic bag manufacturer for the food industry, we provide sandwich and food wraps made of special PET film. These bags assure a clear view of the food item, and they can withstand high temperatures for a long time.
  • Furniture Bags: These plastic bags are made from low-density polyethylene and they have generous side gussets, which enable easily slip over the piece of furniture. These clear plastic bags assure protection from dust. We provide various types of chair bags, mattress bags, and sofa bags under this category. You can customize them with logo or graphics in desired colors.

We are small plastic bags suppliers who are known for our fast turnaround times and the best wholesale prices. Custom plastic bags will not only provide you the best option for storage and packaging but also assure the best view of your brand information, at much lower prices.

General Features of Custom Plastic Bags

The following features of our large and small clear plastic bags make them popular with our clients:

  • Small clear plastic bags for food applications meet USDA and FDA specifications
  • They can be customized with any information.
  • They assure great reliability in all working conditions – regular and harsh.

Order Custom Plastic Bags Wholesale Today at Attractive Prices

At Universal Plastics, we prioritize client satisfaction over anything else. This is only possible when we provide quality plastic bags for use. So, all our clear plastic bags are made of quality material that not only allows them to serve the purpose of storage, packaging or securing but also helps businesses to amplify their brand perception in minds of their customers.

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