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Plastic Newspaper Bags

Universal Plastic's top-quality collection of Flip-Loc™ Plastic Newspaper Bags ensures your newspapers arrive fresh and clean daily. Our innovative Flip-Loc™ closure features a lip and flip design, allowing for quick and secure sealing. Eliminate the need for double bagging. With our exclusive closure system, you can save on labor and material costs. Also, ensure your customers receive dry, pristine newspapers, regardless of weather conditions. Packaged on headers of 100 bags for easy dispensing. Our Flip-Loc™ news paper bags simplify the filling process and streamline your newspaper distribution.

Key Features:

  • Flip-Loc™ Closure for Uncompromising Freshness: Universal's Flip-Loc™ News paper Bags boast an exclusive closure system that keeps your newspapers dry without the need for double bagging. With our secure sealing, your customers will enjoy fresh and clean papers every time.
  • Versatile Door Knob Hole: Each bag has a 1.75" door knob hole, providing easy hanging options for convenient deliveries. The hole design ensures efficient distribution and customer accessibility.
  • Sparkling Clarity: Crafted from clear polypropylene, our Flip-Loc™ Plastic Newspaper Bags showcase your newspapers with sparkle and clarity, making your content visually appealing and professional.
  • Convenient Header Pack: Packed on headers of 100 bags, our Plastic Newspaper Bags offer easy dispensing and loading, saving time and effort during newspaper deliveries.

Trust Universal Plastic's Flip-Loc™ Plastic Newspaper Bags to deliver fresh and immaculate newspapers to your readers. Experience the convenience of our secure closure and versatile sizes, ensuring hassle-free and impressive newspaper distribution. Secure your order today and elevate your newspaper deliveries with Universal Plastic's top-quality packaging solutions.


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