World Forecast to 2023 for Stand-up Pouches Market

Stand-up pouches are laminated bags that are generally made up of either plastic or an amalgam of aluminum and plastic film. These pouches occupy less amount of space and need reduced packaging material than conventional packing methods like boxes and cartons. A typical stand-up pouch consists of many different features like zippers, pour spouts, release valves, and slider closures.

Stand-up packaging safeguards the products against pests, moisture, odor, and vapor. Stand-up packages are completely customized for market purposes. Stand-up pouches are utilized in the single-serve beverages, pet foods and pet treats, confectionary items, breakfast cereals, snacks, and cookies.

Factors Driving the Stand-up Pouch Market

The market of the stand-up pouches is expected to experience growth from USD 20.1 billion in the year 2018 to USD 28.9 billion by the year 2023. The increasing preferences for the packaged beverages and food items in developing countries coupled with growing consumer interest in the light-weight pouches can be denoted as some factors that are driving the growth of this market. The unique features of the stand-up pouches like ease-of-handling, light-weight, and portability increases the market growth further.

The market is even anticipated to grow due to its capability of reducing the shipping expenses. According to the studies, the growth of the market is triggered by the shifting customer preferences to food items that come with a greater shelf-life and are of higher quality and value. Apart from that, the higher living standard and changing the lifestyle of the customers are also boosting the sale of the stand-up pouches.

Segmentation of the Global Stand-up Pouches Market

The stand-up pouches market is segmented based on type, form, closure type, region, and application. Based on type, the stand-up pouch market is segmented into the retort, standard, hot-filled, and aseptic. Based on form the stand-up pouch market is segmented into the flat bottom, round bottom, folded/plow bottom, and k-style. Based on closure type the stand-up pouch market is segmented into the spout, zipper, and top notch. Based on application, the stand-up pouch market is segmented into personal care, healthcare, and others.

The Stand-up Pouches Market Regional Analysis

North America possesses infrastructure facilities for supporting the food packaging sector that triggers the stand-up pouches market growth. Asia-Pacific accounts for over 60 percent share of the stand-up pouches market because of increasing demand for ready-to-serve food.

Major Players of the Stand-up Pouches Market

The major players of the stand-up pouches market can be penned down as Amcor Ltd. (Australia), The Dow Chemical Company (US), Berry Plastics Corporation (US), Smurfit Kappa Group (Dublin), Ampac Holdings LLC (US), Clondalkin Group (Netherlands), Sealed Air Corporation (US), Astrapak Limited (South Korea), Bemis Company, Inc. (US), Coveris Holdings S.A. (US), Mondi Plc. (Austria), Sonoco Products (US) and others.

Wrapping Up

The market for stand-up pouches is increasing at a very fast pace. This pace is expected to grow even more and not to stop anytime shortly. The growth of the stand-up pouches market can be credited to the shifting demands and changing the lifestyle of the customers together with increased income of the middle-class families.

Why are Gusseted Poly Bags popular in professional Kitchens?

Gusseted Poly Bags

A gusseted bag is a bag that has an extra material piece added to its bottom or sides or both. This makes the bag very spacious. Although the gusseted bags can be manufactured using a wide range of materials, they are mainly made using plastic. The Gusseted poly bags serve a wide range of purposes. They are great for kitchen use. These poly bags are the best option for packing and storing food items.

Their creased sides can be expanded for accommodating bulkier items. As all the gusseted poly bags are manufactured using virgin resin, they abide by all the requirements of the FDA for being used in the food applications. The gusseted poly bags find their use in bakeries, restaurants, groceries, commercial kitchens, and other places where an economical storage facility is needed.

Advantages of the Gusseted Poly Bags

The gusseted poly bags come with an extensive array of advantages. Mentioned below are some of the major advantages offered by these poly bags:

·       The capability of standing erect

The bottom of the bottom gusseted poly bags is flat. There are four types of bottom gusseted poly bags, and all of them have flat bottoms. The flat bottoms of these polybags let them stand erect even if there is no external support.

·       These poly bags occupy less space

The gusseted poly bags tend to cover a lesser amount of space in comparison to bottles, plastic jars, and plastic packs. Hence, many pouches can easily fit on one store shelf.

·       These poly bags come in many varieties

The gusseted poly bags come in many varieties. The customers can select from an extensive range of shape and size combinations.

·       The gusseted poly bags are easy-to-carry

In the gusseted poly bags weight is distributed much more uniformly in comparison to the other mediums of packaging. This makes it more convenient for the users to carry the poly bags around.

Why Should You Use Side Gusseted Poly Bags?

The side gusseted poly bags feature a large number of benefits. Mentioned below are some reasons you should consider using gusseted poly bags:

·       Quality

These poly bags are of superior quality, manufactured from the seamless tubing that the weaker side seals, which are potentially vulnerable to failure.

·       Selection

The side gusseted poly bags generally come in an extensive range of size options so that you find the size meeting your requirements and purpose.

·       Availability

The side gusseted poly bags are widely available. The customers can easily get them when they need.

·       Savings

The side gusseted poly bags offer extra strength. They come at cost-effective price rates and have a great performance.

The Takeaway

The gusseted poly bags are truly the unsung heroes of the kitchen. They serve a wide range of purposes in the kitchen due to their strength and purpose. They are made up of the safest materials that make them appropriate to be used for food-related applications. As they have wide availability, the customers can get them easily and use them for their kitchen purposes.

Why is custom plastic film valuable for improving lives?

Poly Tubing

Custom poly tubing is capable of improving the lives of the people in many ways. All the advantages of poly tubing may not be known to the people, but this kind of packaging offers a lot of benefits.

What is Flat Poly Tubing?

“Poly” is the abbreviated form of plastic or polyethylene material. Flat poly tubing is referred to the plastic folding flat over a roll. The plastic film is light-weight, flexible, and possesses open ends.

What is the Purpose of Poly Tubing?

Poly Tubing serves a large number of important purposes:

1.     Poly tubing offers protection against dust, spillage, leaking, and damage due to harsh weather conditions.

2.     Due to its elongated shape, the poly tubing can help in transferring all kinds of gases, fluids, and other materials.

3.     It can be utilized for transportation, display, and storage purposes.

4.     Plastic tubing is best for odd-shaped or long products having a similar width size.

How Can Lives Be Improved with Poly Tubing?

The use of poly tubing can help in improving the lives of the customers and their families. Mentioned below is evidence to prove this fact.

On 25th August 2017, a major landfall took place in Texas due to Harvey, a hurricane of category 4. This led to the disruption of many lives. For preventing any further casualty, the local authorities needed to drain the flooded regions quickly and in a cost-effective method.

Heavy-duty poly tubing came into use here. Because of its tear-resistant and leak-proof properties, the poly tubing worked effectively. Moreover, transferring and setting up the rolls was also quite easy.

Benefits of the Custom Poly Tubing

Mentioned below are some of the major benefits offered by custom poly tubing:

·       It is cheap

The poly tubing has an affordable price tag, which allows the customers to utilize it without worrying about the cost.

·       It can be customized completely

The poly tubing can be customized to meet the needs and goals of the customers.

·       The length can be altered to any and every size

Poly tubing can be perfect for the odd-shaped items having a similar width. The film’s length can be cut, and it can be closed on a single or both the ends.

Who Determines How the Poly Packaging Will Be Created?

The custom poly tubing is created based on the needs and requirements of the customers. It is the customers who choose the exact length, width and gauge that they require. The customers also decide the kind of resin to be used. Apart from all these more special features like non-slip, perforations, linear low, and antistatic can be added upon the request of the customers. Custom text or logos can also be printed on the products.

The Custom Poly Tubing is one of such things that benefit the lives of the common people in a huge number of ways. It can serve an extensive range of critical purposes. The customers can easily get their poly tubing designed according to their individual needs and objectives.

Avoid costly accidents during rains by using proper umbrellas and accessories

Umbrella Bag Stand

Almost everyone indulges in happily celebrating the beginning of the spring season after the long, harsh winter months. While the spring season comes with budding flowers and higher temperatures, it unfortunately also brings rains.

Although most of the people enjoy rains, it can be way dangerous than you can ever imagine. The wet and slippery paths can be the reason for major accidents. So, what is the solution to prevent such accidents and enjoy the rains with a smile?

Prevent Accidents with Wet Umbrella Bags

All the property managers and business owners of small and big organizations are aware of the risk associated with the dangerous water-filled slippery floors. These dangerous floors can result in expensive slip-and-fall accidents. The accidents can invite further more problems that can come in the form of costly settlements and time-consuming lawsuits.

To prevent these undesirable circumstances, you should protect yourselves, your employees, and your clients with convenient and easy-to-use Wet Umbrella Bags. The Wet Umbrella Bags are a practical solution for wet and slippery floors. Moreover, these bags can help in keeping the floors dry, thereby minimizing the requirement of increased floor maintenance.

The Wet Umbrella Bags are made up of cost-effective and robust high-density polyethylene. The umbrella bags are packed in excellent header packs, which offer the user easy dispensing.

The Wet Umbrella Bags can be utilized at every public facility, office building, restaurant, mall and retail store, etc. It is the responsibility of the facility managers to ensure that the Wet Umbrella Bags are kept at all the employee and customer entrances and that there is sufficient stock in hand. Protecting the employees and customers with Wet Umbrella Bags is the simplest and cheapest way of preventing major potential losses.

Features of the Wet Umbrella Bags

Mentioned below are some of the essential features offered by the Wet Umbrella Bags:

  • The umbrella bags come in 2 sizes to perfectly fit large varieties of umbrella sizes and lengths.
  • The umbrella bags feature attention-grabbing printing and artwork.
  • Packed in header packs each of hundred bags.
  • The header packs feature five big holes for fitting several hooks and stand designs.

Importance of Wet Umbrella Stands

The Wet Umbrella Stands can hold the wet umbrella bags thereby preventing misplacing of the umbrellas and keeping the floors free from water at the same time. The umbrella stands can be used in showrooms, libraries, retail stores, offices, waiting rooms, etc. These stands can even let the visitors regain the utilization of both their hands when eating, shopping, etc.
Features of the Wet Umbrella Stands (UBSTAND)

Mentioned below are some of the useful features offered by the Wet Umbrella Stands:

  • Designed for holding and dispensing umbrella bags.
  • Manufactured from highly durable and robust steel material.
  • Features hooks of 2 inches on either side to provide easy access coupled with restocking.
  • Sign holders can be obtained upon request.

Wet Umbrella Bags and Wet Umbrella Stands are indeed a useful investment that the businesses can make for safeguarding their employees and clients. These assets can act as insurance against unfortunate times.

Why is Custom Poly Packaging popular among users?

Custom Poly Packaging

As an individual and as a business owner, on what basis do you judge your custom poly packaging? The basis on which you decide your custom poly packaging is very critical for your business. People usually value their polyethylene film based on the packaging quality, the service, and the price.

The value that you are seeking in your custom product generally depends on various components, like the needs and requirements of your buyers, how the end users would utilize your product and their cost structure. The value point of a custom poly packaging is decided based on the industry it is used in.

For example, for the medical sector, the value of the poly bags is decided based on the quality of the custom poly packaging. In a medical setup, you need a poly packaging that has high durability and superior strength. You cannot afford to find an ice pack leaking at the time of an emergency condition.

Can Plastic Packaging Be Green?

People today understand that they are responsible for the harm done to the environment by the plastic they use. Hence, they want to use green plastic or environmental-friendly plastic. The green plastics are recyclable and are made up of environmental-friendly materials.

Green Packaging or Sustainable packaging is the utilization of manufacturing methods and materials for goods packaging that makes a lower impact on the environment as well as energy consumption. Green packaging is energy-efficient and biodegradable.

Materials Used in Green Packaging

Green packaging is usually made of:

  • Plant-based Plastics.
  • Biodegradable Plastics.
  • Recycled Products.
  • Recycled Molded Packaging.
  • Alternative energy Sources.

Are Biodegradable Plastics Eco-friendly?

Green packaging is often termed as biodegradable. We usually come across such labels. But are these packaging eco-friendly?

Well, the label can be potentially misleading and vague. One-word labels do not say anything about the actual biodegradability nature of a poly packaging.

The term “biodegradable” does not have a single definition. Hence, different companies would speak a different definition of it. That makes things much confusing. People end up assuming that if products are labeled as “biodegradable,” they would be non-toxic for the environment. But this is not the case necessarily.

Even if some products are certified as “biodegradable,” it does not imply that it is 100 percent biodegradable. “Biodegradable” does not imply that there isn’t any toxic chemical.

The Final Words

Companies often make bogus claims regarding plastic products. A product labeled as “biodegradable” must specify as to what amount of biodegradable material is present in it and how much time it will take to degrade. Always keep in mind that the biodegradable packaging doesn’t break down or degrade in the marine environment.

This means a biodegradable packaging would still appear as a real jellyfish to the sea turtles.  If the biodegradable packaging is littered, it would be as harmful and destructive as the conventional packaging. Although the certified biodegradable packaging is a better option in comparison to the non-biodegradable ones, they yet aren’t the best solution.


Red Rock an Universal Plastic Brand

With a perception that plastic bags are environmentally unfriendly, there are tons of people who have turned their heads from this alternative. While the bags certainly do have ecological drawbacks, there are also some beneficial aspects for the retailers, consumers and the environment that needs to be considered. With the massive numbers of bags that are being used for the purpose, you can surely understand the importance of plastic bags in the world. The bags are inexpensive, easy to carry and offer a multitude of other benefits that keep them the most preferred method for handling items.

The main advantage of why the retailers would anyway choose the plastic bags over the traditional options is that they are cost-effective, easy to use and convenient to store. Also, the plastic bags are quicker to open, pack and double up than the paper bags. Also regarding shortage, plastic bags take a lot of less space as compared to paper bags. On the other hand, reusable bags take most of the space, and while their weight varies, the paper bags or even the cloth bags are heavier than the plastic bags.

What are the advantages that plastic bags offer to customers?

Like the retailers, the consumers also find the plastic bag to be a better conventional alternative than any of the other methods like a paper bag. Though the preference is gradually changing I the light of environmental concerns and cloth bags are now ruling the market, but still, plastic bags offer the following two key benefits:

  • The durability factor of plastic bags is more than the paper bags. Being less prone to tearing these are considered to be a better option to be carried in the rain.
  • Plastic bags are reusable unlike the paper or cloth bags hat generally work on the use and through principle.

What is the environmental impact of plastic bags?

Of course, most of you reading this will only look at the negative side and think that what else can plastic do rather than harming the environment? But the truth is slightly different from what you think. The truth is, there are both advantages as well as disadvantages of plastics to the environment. Plastic paper bags weigh much less than the paper bags, and so they contribute far less solid waste to landfills when not recycled. Do you know that paper bag manufacturing method uses 40times more energy than plastic bags? Shocking isn’t it?

Don’t forget to recycle

Of course, it is true that plastic bags are easily recyclable and require lesser energy to produce in comparison to the other so-called environment-friendly packaging alternative. You can always use your plastic bag as much as possible, and you can recycle the rest. By recycling the potential consumers can minimize or avoid most of the drawback or havoc that the plastic bags are said to have caused to the environment. By recycling the bags diligently, consumers can stake plastic bags as a more environmental-friendly alternative that is being used sustainably.

Gain competitive advantage with these high-performance products

Plastic bags have been an ideal packaging choice for many industries owing to their reusable and durability characteristics. Plastic packaging products are now being used to cater to the growing demands for consumer products worldwide. These are available in a wide variety such as reclosable bags, plastic bags, trash can liners, gusseted bags, mattress bags, food bags, garment bags and much more. Moreover, with the advancement in technology and science, there has been a constant progression and enhancement in plastic packaging. Below mentioned are the major benefits that such plastic packaging products offer:

  • Extremely flexible:

Plastic packaging is extremely adaptable and flexible kind of packaging which gives manufacturers the liberty to customize its style and shape according to the needs of their clients. As such, the product manufacturers get the option to print good quality and attractive custom design and in turn boost their product visibility.

  • Light-weight:

Plastic packaging is a light-weight form of storage choice. Besides, it does not need a lot of space for storage. The durability, as well as the lightweight characteristics of plastic packaging, plays a major role in making it easy to transport them, with no wear and tear related to its manufacturing as well as shipping.

  • Sustainable:

The light-weight of plastic packaging also attributes to its sustainability. Its lightness contributes to lower energy consumption than compared to other packaging materials. Although there’s a common belief among people that plastic is a major factor in deteriorating the environment, in reality, this is not true. Several qualities of plastic which critics claim to be negative for the environment, such as its quality of being corrosion-resistant and bio-inertness, actually make it a very efficient resource.

  • Versatile:

It is very easy to mould plastic in nearly endless shapes. Just consider the wide variety of plastic packaging that you now see like pouches, bags, trash can bag, zip locks reclosable bags, etc. As such, it is difficult to imagine any other packaging material which is more flexible and versatile other than plastic.

  • Cost-effective:

Plastic packaging is cheaper and inexpensive. Because of its characteristic of being light-weight, plastic packaging not only helps protect the product but also lessens the production and shipping cost than compared to other alternatives. Moreover, plastic packaging is an extremely economical choice also because it can be used by small, medium and large scale industries overall. This cost-effective factor is very beneficial especially for all the good small-scale manufacturers because it lets them access a good packaging solution despite low budgets.

  • Recyclable:

With the increasing awareness of the impact different packaging materials have on the environment, the benefit of plastic packaging being easy to recycle is a major reason why it has earned tremendous popularity over the years. Plastic packaging manufacturing companies are emphasizing on developing specialized plastic packaging which helps optimize the process of plastic recyclability.

These are just some out of the many benefits plastic packaging products offer. Make sure to always use the services of a reputed and reliable plastic packaging manufacturing company to get the best quality and value-for-money packaging material.

The cold is almost gone. Make way for warmer weather with Ice Bags from Universal Plastic

Cold is all set to take a break; it’s time for the hot winds to define the nature. Well, we humans can do nothing about it, except preparing in accordance. So, it’s obvious if you are up for finding your own suitable Ice Bag.

Good news is that there are excellent flexible Ice Bags available from Universal Plastic for the upcoming summer days. These do come with high-end customised wraps for providing greater flexibility in terms of its usage. These are absolutely organic or non-toxic. There are excellent heat compression packs one can find in this category as well.

The best part about latest Ice Bags from Universal Plastic is the greater convenience they provide in terms of usage. These packs can be kept within usual residential refrigerators and can be used anytime as per the need. One can even start using it within one or a couple of hours after keeping it inside the refrigerator.

A perfect for the athletes;
These Ice Bags are prepared with absolutely sustainable and eco-friendly wraps. It means one can reuse these as per the need. To be specific, the athletes or those who have to come in exposure of sun tans can find such bags absolutely effective. Interestingly, these bags are available in different sizes. In fact, there are bags those can be easily kept within a pocket and wrapped around the desired body part for greater level of accomplishment. Naturally, one can easily carry such bags anywhere during the summer days.

Ice bags are equally known from therapeutic point of views as well, as these are popular in terms of beauty treatment or skin refreshment. Athletes can make the most of these bags for quicker recover and pain relief. Hence, it can be carried with the fast aid kits. Ice bags are also known for relieving from the issues like fatigue, enhancing the blood circulation, and as a perfect skin nourishing agent.

Quite easy in terms of usage:
The ice bag can keep you refreshed for a minimum of 2 hours after the first usage. No need of any special arrangement or packaging, if you wished to use it again; one can simply apply straightaway. No need to think about any specific method of applying these; it can be used simply by applying at the desired body part. However, when it comes about the soft tissue injuries or something similar for therapeutic purpose, one should ensure that the application is being done at the right place.

Self sealing packs are absolutely free of risks
The best part about summer Ice bags from Universal Plastic is the risk-free guarantee that these products give to customer. In addition, the ease of their usage makes things even interesting. One doesn’t need to worry about packaging as these products mostly come with self sealing packs. Hence, there remains no threat of melting and all. As explained above, one can keep it inside the refrigerator along usual items.
In short, an Ice Bag like this can make summer even enjoyable like never before.