What Makes Wicketed Bags a Top Choice for Packaging?

May 6, 2024 Blog

In the packaging industry, practicality and efficiency dictate the trends and choices businesses make. Among various packaging solutions, wicketed poly bags have emerged as a popular choice for certain industries. These bags are neatly stacked and held together on a wire bracket or ‘wicket,’ which facilitates quick filling and sealing. Therefore, they are ideal for high-volume, automated environments, such as food packaging, retail, and shipping, where speed and reliability are paramount. Additionally, wicketed bags offer superior product protection and can be customized to enhance brand visibility. This makes them an essential tool for businesses looking to optimize their packaging standards.
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Flip Top, Zip Lock, Go: The Future of Portable Food Storage

April 19, 2024 Blog

In today’s competitive landscape, food manufacturers selling snacks such as sandwiches face several challenges when it comes to finding sustainable, convenient, and cost-effective packaging solutions. These challenges arise from the need to meet customer demands for quick and easy meals while also considering the environmental impact and cost efficiency. Moreover, the packaging must also comply with food safety regulations and standards. Sandwich and other food providers must guarantee that the packaging materials are safe for the food products, preventing contamination and thus maintaining the quality and freshness. To address these challenges, food processing units and providers collaborate with packaging manufacturers,
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Importance of Tamper-Proof Evidence Bags in Forensic Investigations

March 15, 2024 Blog

Tamper proof bags are designed to ensure the safety of sensitive materials stored in them. These bags play an indispensable role across industries, such as pharmaceutical and law enforcement, in ensuring the integrity of the contents from production to delivery. Are you intrigued to know how these bags work? Or applications of these bags? Or do you want some guidance in choosing them for your applications? If answers to all these questions or any of these sound yes, then this post is for you. It discusses these tamper-evident bags in detail and offers you the possibility to consider them for
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Unwrap the Benefits of Single-Use Flexible Plastic Packaging in the Medical Sector

March 7, 2024 Blog

In most spheres of life, single-use plastic is banned or reduced, mainly due to environmental impact. However, medical is one sector, where single-use plastic packaging is used, and this trend is here to stay for safety reasons. The healthcare sector is transitioning even more towards single-use flexible plastic packaging post-COVID-19! A report by Research Nester has projected a steady growth of 5% between 2023 and 2033 and a size of $100 Billion for the single-use flexible plastic packaging market. Single-use packaging is designed for ease of use and considering recyclability and sustainability to reduce carbon footprint. While single-use plastic needs
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Exploring the World of Stand-Up Pouches: Convenience, Durability, and Branding

January 30, 2024 Blog

The quality of any product that is delivered to a customer, whether it is a food item, liquid of any type, nuts & screws, plastic resins, or anything else, is of absolute importance. At the same time, its packaging is a crucial aspect as it sets an impression. Hence, packaging must be dealt with attention to detail. Even when using plastic bags or pouches for packing, it is important to ensure ergonomics, fitment of the product, environmental sustainability, thickness, and so on. For most food products of any consistency microwavable plastic bags and stand-up pouches with a zip lock system
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Beyond the Bin: Unveiling the Future of Sustainable Plastic Trash Can Liners

January 19, 2024 Blog

Trash bags used independently or in garbage bins are used to safely collect and dispose waste, and hence must be installed in both public and private places. However, trash bags made of plastic need to meet certain standards in terms of being a sustainable solution to collect garbage. While biodegradable and compostable bags made of recycled plastic are gaining traction, thick and clear plastic trash bags made of polyethylene are recyclable as well. Today sustainable plastic trash bags have a huge market. According to a research report, this market is expected to reach a size of $4.62 Billion by 2028
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Smart Plastics: Emerging Trends in Plastic Bags Manufacturing.

December 22, 2023 Blog

Increasing demand for sustainable methods and environmental concerns have led to considerable changes in the plastic bag manufacturing sector in recent years. Although used for a wide range of packaging applications, these bags have drawn criticism because of their harmful effects on the environment. As a result, manufacturers are embracing different innovative manufacturing techniques and experimenting with different plastic compounds to lessen the harmful impacts of plastic bags. This post explores the recent developments and innovative trends in the production of plastic bags which have been targeted to make this sector more sustainable and green. Innovative Trends in Plastic Bags
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Why Flexible Plastic Packaging is Gaining Traction.

December 12, 2023 Blog

The plastic packaging industry segment has evolved over the years addressing several challenges not only pertaining to specific client requirements but also developing sustainable packaging solutions that are safe for the environment. This comprises developing recyclable as well as flexible packaging solutions made from sturdy thermoplastics. These packages take the form and shape of the contents inside or can be reasonably stretched to accommodate high volumes or odd-shaped content. Also, most packaging types such as airtight packaging, standup pouches, zippers, spouts, and more can be resealed and hence reused multiple times. With the increasing focus on sustainability, many businesses prefer
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How Custom Printed Plastic Bags Contribute to Your Branding

October 19, 2023 Blog

Printed plastic packaging has been around for a while, and will continue to stay as long as businesses understand the importance of branding. Although custom-printed plastic bags may look normal or simple, they influence customer’s minds in-depth. This post oversees how printed plastic bags help businesses to accomplish their branding objectives. Why Printed Plastic Bags are Important for Your Branding Branding may seem like a single term, but it can affect your business in many ways. If handled properly, branding can percolate customer consciousness, with the impact lasting for centuries. Over the years, companies have invested in many promotional techniques
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Unlocking the Benefits of Custom Printed Ziplock Bags for Your Promotional Needs

September 21, 2023 Blog

Storage requirements are changing across industries. Consumers, retailers, and manufacturers are all seeking effective ways to package or store their products. Ziplock bags are one of the most popular types of plastic bags available. The ziplock bags, which come in a variety of thicknesses and sizes, preserve the freshness of the items, making them perfect for long-term storage. However, custom printed ziplock bags have more to offer than storage. How? This post discusses the benefits and applications of custom printed ziplock bags. Benefits of Using Custom Printed Ziplock Bags for Packaging and Promotions The following are a few benefits of
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