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Plastic Liners for Boxes, Ice Buckets, and Trash Cans

Plastic liners are highly versatile bags that help protect products from moisture, keep containers clean of spillage, and improve sanitation. At Universal Plastic, we manufacture and supply wholesale plastic bags for a variety of industries, from medical and hospitality to electronics and food. We meet USDA and FDA regulations for food-grade packaging and provide custom printing capabilities and a variety of sizes and thicknesses in poly materials to meet the needs of a diverse array of applications.
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Types and Applications of Plastic Bag Liners

Universal Plastic offers a varied product line of plastic bag liners to provide our clients with versatile options.

Box Liners

Poly liners are ideal for protecting corrugated boxes from product leakage during shipment or storage. They also serve to protect products from external moisture. Plastic liners for boxes have applications for both food and non-food items, such as liquids and frozen foods or electronic components.

Trash Bags and Can Liners

Trash can liners allow users to easily collect and remove waste without concerns about spillage during transport. These garbage bags are available in various sizes of both clear and black plastic, with options ranging from standard (S) to extra-heavy (EH) and thicknesses from 0.40 mil to 1.15 mil. Our trash liners are composed of both low- and high-density polyethylene (LDPE and HDPE, respectively), resulting in strong, recyclable trash bags.

Ice Bucket Liner Bags

Within the hospitality industry, ice bucket liners play an important role in creating a sanitary environment. These economical, single-use liners enable guests to retrieve ice without worrying about contamination from previous guests. Our ice bucket liners are 12″ X 12″ with a thickness of 0.48 mil.

Pan Liners

To reduce long-term wear on kitchen equipment, pan liners are a useful and cost-effective option. These liners can protect everything from pots and serving pans to baking sheets, preventing residue from burnt-on food for easy cleaning. In commercial kitchens, this reduces labor costs as employees do not need to spend excessive time scrubbing pans. Consistently using pan liners also improves the longevity of the kitchen equipment. Universal Plastic offers pan liners of 1 mil thickness in various dimensions to fit multiple cookware shapes. We design these poly-nylon liners for temperatures ranging from -70° F to 400° F so that, as an added benefit, they will work as short-term food storage options.

Infectious Waste Liner Bags on Roll

When disposing of hazardous waste, it is important to meet state and federal regulations for safety. Infectious waste liner bags come in a distinctive red color, with a clear biohazard symbol printed on the bag surface. They display warnings in both English and Spanish. To meet the appropriate regulations, our liners have an impact resistance of 165 grams (ASTM D1709) and a tear resistance of 480 grams (ASTM D1922). We offer a product line of six liner sizes with durable star-sealed bottoms, all on a roll for easy dispensing.

Features and Benefits of Universal Plastic’s Liners

There are a wide array of benefits to utilizing our plastic liners, including:

  • Cost Savings: Plastic liners are cost-effective for manufacturers to quickly produce compared to alternatives such as paper or cloth, and they often improve the longevity of the equipment they are lining.
  • Customizability: Printed options make it possible to place branding, text, or biohazard symbols on the liners. As they meet FDA and USDA regulations, our plastic liners are also ideal for both food and non-food items. We offer various sizes to find an easy fit for your application.
  • Durable Protection: Our liners come in various thicknesses and high-quality plastics like LDPE and HDPE for ideal durability, tear resistance, and food-grade safety, offering superior protection in holding contained products in and keeping unwanted external moisture or contaminants out.
  • Quality: By offering wholesale pricing, we provide high-quality plastic liners at competitive price points. We carefully monitor the production of our liners, prioritizing quality assurance so we can provide our customers with the best possible product.


Contact Our Experts for Premium Wholesale Plastic Liner Solutions

For over two decades, we at Universal Plastic have been manufacturing and supplying a diverse range of plastic liner solutions to our customers with a focus on high-performance materials, superior customer service, and in-house quality assurance. Our extensive portfolio and customization capabilities enable us to meet the unique needs of any application, and our experts are always available to help you determine the best option to fit your specifications. To learn more about our wholesale plastic liner solutions, competitive and bulk pricing options, and fast shipping, contact us today.

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