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Wholesale Anti Static Bags

Protecting Your Electronics with Universal Plastic's Anti-Static Bag Solutions at Competitive Prices

At Universal Plastic, we prioritize the safety of your electronic components with our specialized Anti-Static Bags. Our extensive selection, including Anti-Static Moisture Barrier Bags, Anti-Static Seal Top Bags, Pink Anti-Static Poly Tubing, and Anti-Static Flat Bags, is meticulously crafted to shield your sensitive electronics from static damage during storage and transportation.

Our Anti-Static Seal Top Bags feature resealable closures, ensuring a static-free environment while providing easy access to your equipment. Embrace the versatility of our Pink Anti-Static Poly Tubing, designed to accommodate a variety of packaging dimensions. Consider the practicality of our Anti-Static Flat Bags for storage and handling your electronic devices. With Universal Plastic's reliable anti-static bags, you can confidently transport and store your delicate electronics. For the quality and peace of mind to secure your electronic devices with our range of anti-static poly bags.

Secure your electronic components today with our comprehensive range of ESD Bags!


Types of Anti-Static Bags Provided by Universal Plastic

At Universal Plastic, we provide the following types of static shielding bags:

  • Flat Bags: These flat bags are suited for safeguarding sensitive electronic components. They are made of a pink anti-static material that helps eliminate the static damage at the time of storing, shipping, and packaging.
  • Moisture Barrier Anti-Static Bags: As the name suggests, these plastic bags are made from materials that help seal out moisture and ensures high-quality dry packaging. We provide moisture barrier anti-static bags for storing moisture-sensitive components.
  • Pink Poly Tubing: These pink poly tubing bags feature additives that help avoid the static charge from destroying the stored electronics. Pink poly tubing is amine-free and perfect for packaging products in different lengths. This poly tubing is provided in different 12ʺ diameter rolls.
  • Seal Top Bags: The bags are designed for easy sealing after the use. The stored electronic components can be easily accessed many times by opening and closing these seal top bags. The convenient seal top closure of these static shielding bags makes it easy to store, package, and ship sensitive electronics.

Beneficial Features of Anti-Static Bags

The following beneficial features of these anti-static bags have contributed to their popularity in the market:

  • All anti-static bags are amine-free, which means they won’t damage polycarbonate boards used during the packaging.
  • The pink flat bags and pink poly tubing is suited for packaging, storing, and transporting sensitive electronics when static control becomes a necessity, but Faraday Cage Protection is not needed.
  • Our pink static seal top bags or reclosable bags meet the decay requirements of EIA-541 and MIL-PRF-81705E, Type II.
  • These reclosable bags are equipped with a durable single-track zipper, and are available in different thicknesses such as 2Mil, 6Mil, and 4 Mil thicknesses to meet your application requirements.
  • These transparent and pink antistatic packaging materials are made of 100% polythene and they can easily resist creases and wrinkles when stored.

Applications of Static Shielding Bags

We regularly provide static shielding bags for use in commercial and industrial environments. These bags are designed for protecting the following electronics:

  • Laptops
  • Computer parts including individual keyboards
  • Mobile phones
  • Circuit boards
  • Chips

Order Quality-driven Wholesale Antistatic Bags at Universal Plastic

Quality is the hallmark of our service. We assure quality products at competitive prices. This commitment has helped us serve clients across various industries effectively. Over the years, we have built a list of happy and satisfied customers who approach us for ESD bags in various configurations.

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