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Poly Bags

Clear polythene bags or normal plastic bags have become an integral part our life and are virtually used in almost all spheres to pack something or the other. Low density polyethylene (LDPE) flat poly bags are commonly used for packing and transportation of various things such as pebbles, stones, and foods to clothes, ice, and more. Flat poly bag manufacturers use LDPE to make these bags and supply them across industries. Of course, what you store in these bags depends on their thickness, size, and weight bearing capacity. Universal Plastics is an experienced plastic poly bags manufacturer who provides high-quality custom poly bags for various applications. Additionally, these bags are widely used in the food industry, and we ensure that our bags meet the FDA requirements for food contact as our poly bags are made of virgin materials.


Types of Poly Bags at Universal Plastics

Universal Plastics makes four types of clear polythene bags:

  • LDPE Flat Poly Bags: These are the most commonly used bags in any kind of home or commercial applications. These flat poly bags are made from seamless tubing and virgin materials, which offer them extra strength. LDPE flat poly bags are made from tubing with no side seals or slits, which adds to their durability. These clear polythene bags are provide in dispenser packs of 100.
  • LDPE Gusseted Bags: These bags are gusseted, which means they have creased sides to fit more quantity or bulky goods. However, the capacity of these bags is slightly lesser than LLDPE bags of the same gauge. The good part is they are still good for food materials and made from seamless tubing without slits or side seals. This increases their strength.
  • LLDPE Flat Poly Bags: Linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) bags offer good puncture resistance and strength. Although they are lightweight their weight bearing capacity is high. You can easily pack food contents in this bag as it is made from virgin materials. It is sturdy enough to carry a live fish in good amount of water.
  • LLDPE Gusseted Bags: These are more or less like LLDPE flat poly bags except that these bags have a gusset. This means aside from the extra strength and puncture resistance, these bags also offer extra breadth to the bag. This enables stuffing more quantity of the said item than regular bags. These are good for packaging bulky items.

We offer custom printed poly bags and custom poly bags with logos to truly meet your business requirements. These are a very good option for promotion drives, transporting food packets, and selling in a retail store. Based on your needs, we print the information regarding the contents of the bag along with your logo and other business details. They help you market your brand easily. At Universal Plastic, we stock all sizes and types of these poly bags.

Applications of Custom Printed Poly Bags and Clear Polythene Bags

You can choose from a variety of poly bags at Universal Plastics according to your requirements, and they may be suitable in these areas:

  • Food Packaging: These bags are ideal for food packaging. Especially, the custom printed poly bags are great to pack bread, cakes, and other bakery items. They look attractive and store the contents well.
  • Packaging Non-Food Items: These clear polythene bags are ideal for storing items other than food. Just as much as they are used in food, these bags can be used to pack anything else as long as it meets the size and weight criteria. However, the items should not be pointed or sharp.
  • Branding: You can use these bags to brand your product provided you get them custom printed.


Order Your Custom Poly Bags from Universal Plastics Now

When it comes to using polythene, there are issues regarding protecting our environment and plastic disposal. However, we as responsible clear poly bag manufacturers, make reusable or recyclable plastic bags. We are also well known as custom poly bag manufacturers as we are experts at customizing a clear poly bag to suit your requirements. You simply have to choose the right type and size poly bag and we are here to assist you customize it with logos or graphics of your choice. So, order fast as we offer best prices on bulk purchases. Do you want to avail these wholesale poly bags for shipping at attractive prices? You can reach us on phone or email.

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