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Plastic Trash Bags/ Trash Can Liners

Plastic trash bags, also known as trash can liners or garbage bags, help keep the surroundings clean and are used to conveniently collect and transport garbage or waste products safely.
These trash bags are constructed using both – low and high density polyethylene. The wide combination of LDPE and HDPE properties makes the recycling process even more efficient. Being one of the industry-leading suppliers of plastic bags, we at Universal Plastic, offer a wide range of plastic can liners in clear and black colors, at wholesale prices.
Our can liners are available in heavy (H), extra heavy (EH), and standard (S) gauge thickness to handle your toughest jobs such as rough food waste, broken glass, and so on.
SKU SIZE Case Qty Weight Buy 1 Buy 6 Buy 11 Select Qty
ALL22BG12" X 8" X 21"1,000 12 lbs$56.57$53.74$50.91
ALL22B12" X 8" X 21"1,000 12 lbs$66.68$63.35$60.01
ALL22BX12" X 8" X 21"1,000 17 lbs$63.24$60.08$56.92
ALL22C12" X 8" X 21"1,000 12 lbs$72.05$68.44$64.84
ALL22CX12" X 8" X 21"1,000 17 lbs$92.84$88.19$83.55
ALL18B13" X 4" X 17"1,000 8 lbs$49.08$46.63$44.17
ALL18BG13" X 4" X 17"1,000 8 lbs$45.83$43.54$41.25
ALL18BX13" X 4" X 17"1,000 12 lbs$66.91$63.56$60.22
ALL18C13" X 4" X 17"1,000 8 lbs$51.01$48.46$45.91
ALL18CX13" X 4" X 17"1,000 12 lbs$66.91$63.56$60.22
ALL24CX15" X 9" X 23"500 11 lbs$59.18$56.22$53.26
ALL24B15" X 9" X 23"500 8 lbs$44.38$42.16$39.94
ALL24C15" X 9" X 23"500 8 lbs$44.38$42.16$39.94
ALL24BX15" X 9" X 23"500 11 lbs$59.18$59.18$59.18
ALL33B15" X 9" X 32"500 11 lbs$68.78$65.34$61.90
ALL33BX15" X 9" X 32"500 16 lbs$82.33$78.21$74.10
ALL33C15" X 9" X 32"500 11 lbs$64.49$61.26$58.04
ALL33CX15" X 9" X 32"500 16 lbs$82.33$78.21$74.10
ALL37C16" X 14" X 36"250 11 lbs$55.49$52.72$49.94
ALL37CX16" X 14" X 36"250 15 lbs$72.77$69.13$65.49
ALL37B16" X 14" X 36"250 11 lbs$56.53$53.70$50.88
ALL37BX16" X 14" X 36"250 15 lbs$75.39$71.62$67.85
ALL42BX18" X 8" X 42"100 8 lbs$38.73$36.79$34.85
ALL60CXX22" X 14" X 58"100 16 lbs$75.69$71.91$68.13
ALL60BXX22" X 14" X 58"100 16 lbs$74.45$70.72$67.00
ALL60CX22" X 14" X 58"100 14 lbs$66.28$62.97$59.65
ALL60BX22" X 14" X 58"100 14 lbs$64.69$61.46$58.23
ALL40CX23" X 10" X 39"250 18 lbs$87.54$83.17$78.79
ALL40CXX23" X 10" X 39"250 22 lbs$100.77$95.74$90.70
ALL40C23" X 10" X 39"250 13 lbs$69.16$65.70$62.24
ALL40BXX23" X 10" X 39"250 22 lbs$100.77$95.74$90.70
ALL40BX23" X 10" X 39"250 18 lbs$87.05$82.70$78.35
ALL40B23" X 10" X 39"250 13 lbs$65.15$61.89$58.63
ALL48B23" X 17" X 46"250 25 lbs$114.02$108.32$102.62
ALL48BX23" X 17" X 46"250 31 lbs$142.41$135.29$128.17
ALL48BXX23" X 17" X 46"200 29 lbs$131.22$124.66$118.10
ALL48C23" X 17" X 46"250 25 lbs$119.16$113.21$107.25
ALL48CX23" X 17" X 46"250 31 lbs$144.83$137.59$130.35
ALL48CXX23" X 17" X 46"200 29 lbs$133.45$126.78$120.11
ALL24CS24" X 23"1,000 15 lbs$74.54$70.81$67.09
ALL33CS24" X 32"1,000 21 lbs$129.58$123.10$116.62
ALL37WXXX30" X 36"200 14 lbs$88.40$83.98$79.56
ALL37CS30" X 36"250 11 lbs$54.53$51.80$49.07
ALL48CS33" X 39"250 13 lbs$75.43$71.66$67.89
ALL40WXXX33" X 39"150 13 lbs$76.60$72.77$68.94
ALL61WXXX36" X 58"100 14 lbs$82.50$78.37$74.25
ALL61BX38" X 58"100 15 lbs$67.95$64.55$61.15
ALL61BXX38" X 58"100 17 lbs$78.17$74.26$70.35
ALL61CX38" X 58"100 15 lbs$69.10$65.64$62.19
ALL61CXX38" X 58"100 17 lbs$80.02$76.02$72.02
ALL48WXXX40" X 46"100 11 lbs$64.81$61.57$58.33

Why Plastic Trash Bags?

At Universal Plastic, we provide wholesale can liners, which can be used for waste disposal applications. However, the basic function of the plastic garbage bags is to keep trash in one place until removed. Over the years, we have served a diverse range of clients across various industries. Following features of these plastic trash bags have contributed to their popularity. Owing to their beneficial features, these bags are easily accepted among our clients. Here are some of their features:

  • Our plastic trash bags created using low-density polyethylene assure exceptional strength to handle the toughest jobs. They are widely used in parks, prisons, backyards, stores, parking lots, and malls.
  • HDPE can liners are widely used in hotels, motels, schools, and offices.
  • Our lightweight plastic trash bags have excellent tear and puncture resistance.
  • These plastic trash bags help reduce the stench and spread of diseases that occur when a certain type of trash is disposed in open places. These bags prevent environmental hazards by keeping the garbage locked inside.
  • The plastic garbage bags are thus good for maintaining hygiene and sanitation.
  • Our wide range of can liners are 100% recyclable and hence help protect the environment.
  • We offer these trash bags at affordable prices on bulk purchases. This helps you save a significant amount of money in the long run.
  • We offer these bags in clear or brown, and in various thicknesses, including 0.4mil, 0.6 mil, 0.8mil, 1.0 mil, and 1.5 mil.

Applications of Plastic Trash Bags

At Universal Plastics, we offer varieties of plastic trash bags that can handle different types of waste. Till date, we have served customers with high-quality product across different sectors, including:

  • Warehouses
  • Office Buildings
  • Medical Facilities
  • Construction Contractors
  • Janitorial Services

Order High-Quality Plastic Trash Can Liners at Reasonable Prices

Being one of the trustworthy plastic trash can liners supplier, our team of experts is enthusiastically involved in delivering high-quality products that make your job easy. This firm commitment towards the quality and customer service allows us to make a stand ahead of other competitors. This also enables us to bring satisfied and happy customers to our list. If you have doubts in mind regarding our wholesale garbage bags or you’re not able to make any decision on the color or size or other parameters of the bag, then we are here to help you with the same.

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