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Vacuum Seal Bags and Pouches

Using vacuum seal bags introduces a protective barrier and the potential for custom printing, allowing manufacturers to showcase their products with branding and customers to inspect the appearance of items within the packaging. These custom-printed vacuum plastic bags and pouches offer product visibility and create an airtight and moisture-proof seal that extends the shelf life of consumable goods, secures them during transport, and allows for efficient storage and shipping.

Universal Plastic produces high-quality custom-printed vacuum seal storage bags and pouches for superior durability, flexibility, and impact resistance. Our products are crafted to withstand hot and cold environments, minimizing the risk of tearing. From storing leftovers and snacks to packing food products for sale in commercial markets, our customized vacuum seal storage bags protect your goods and enhance your brand presence. These solutions fully comply with FDA and USDA safety regulations for food-grade packaging, ensuring your products' utmost safety and quality.


Types of Plastic Vacuum Storage Bags and Pouches at Universal Plastic

Universal Plastic makes primarily two types of vacuum storage bags: laminated and co-extruded. Both types meet FDA requirements for food contact and help increase the shelf life of foods because of the features they offer, such as triple-seal construction. They come in a variety of sizes.

  • Laminated Bags: The size of a laminated vacuum seal bag ranges from 10″ X 10″ to 10″ X 30″. Depending upon the size and content, they have a weight-bearing capacity ranging from 21 to 36 lbs.
  • Co-Extruded Bags: The size of co-extruded vacuum storage bags ranges from 10″ X 12″ to 10″ X 22″. Depending upon the size and content, they have a weight-bearing capacity ranging from 21 to 35 lbs.

As these bags inhibit external moisture, they help retain the freshness of the food products for a long time. Additionally, they are designed to be temperature resistant and yet keep the food content inside intact. For instance, you can boil them or deep freeze them for a long period, the freshness of the food inside is retained, and there is no effect on the plastic.

If you require custom printed vacuum pack bags, it is important for you to determine the type and size of the bag you require. We would be happy to assist you in this process and, if required, in customizing as well.

Custom Printed Vacuum Seal Bags

Along with standard product selections, Universal Plastic offers custom vacuum seal bag options for our clients. Customizing your packaging with your brand’s logo, product or promotional details, or other unique graphics and text provides an easy marketing opportunity to make your packaging more appealing and enrich the buyer experience. This is an excellent technique for creating visually appealing packaging that will stand out from the competition on store shelves.

At Universal Plastic, we offer our packaging solutions in a variety of sizes as well as high-quality flexo print options for crisp, clear designs, including color choices and shine or matte finishes. Our team can guide you through the print design options for your unique, custom embellishments.

Vacuum Sealed Bag Features and Benefits

Our focus is on quality materials and efficient, affordable packaging options. Our custom vacuum seal plastic bags provide:

  • Product Freshness: The vacuum seal and plastic material protect the enclosed goods from moisture and oxygen, which extends the storage life and quality of the product without the need for food preservatives. This also minimizes overall food waste.
  • Protective Barrier: In addition to moisture and oxygen, these bags safeguard against any contaminants coming in contact with a food product, such as dust, bacteria, or pests. Even as flexible packaging, our bags will help defend your product against impact for safe transport.
  • Temperature Resistance: The packaging can withstand hot and cold temperatures while protecting the interior from temperature damage, giving companies and consumers a great deal of flexibility. Manufacturers can design packaging to contain goods during boiling (such as sous vide-style preparation) or to safely store them in deep-freeze or cold storage without putting the integrity of the seal or plastic material at risk.
  • Customizable Aesthetics: Utilizing clear plastic allows customers to easily view goods in retail applications. Also, with custom printing, your product can stand out and make a memorable impression on buyers.

Vacuum Sealing vs. Shrink Wrap Packaging

Both vacuum sealing and shrink wrap packaging protect products by enclosing goods in clear, heat-sealed material. However, there are some key differences. Vacuum packing only applies heat to the seal itself. Shrink packaging applies heat over the entire package, which can affect the quality of some products and requires different equipment than vacuum sealing to heat-treat the seals. Also, the material for vacuum packaging is as much as four times thicker than shrink wrap packaging, creating a tougher barrier. 

Vacuum packaging utilizes suction to pull oxygen from a package and create an airtight seal, providing full protection from contaminants or oxygen that could degrade the product over time. With shrink wrap, there are often tiny holes at the seal edges to allow air to leave the packaging during heating. These same holes allow air back into the wrapping. For applications requiring a tight seal, vacuum packaging is the better option.

Applications of Plastic Vacuum Seal Bags

At Universal Plastic, you can choose from several sizes of these vacuum pack bags according to your requirements, and they may be suitable for the following purposes:

  • Food Packaging: These are ideal for food packaging. The type of vacuum seal bag or pouch used depends on the food packed. Normally, they are used to pack fish, sauces, processed meat, dried fruits, pulses, grains, cheeses, and many other foods. 
  • Transportation and Storage of Packed and Sealed Food Items: Since these are oxygen and moisture resistant, as well as temperature resistant, you can easily transport these airtight packets from one place to another. Also, you can store them are at room temperature in retail shops, refrigerate them, or boil them.
  • Branding: You can use these bags to brand your product provided you get them custom printed.

Contact Us for Wholesale Custom Vacuum Storage Bag and Pouch Solutions

At Universal Plastic, we have developed a trusted reputation as a wholesale manufacturer and supplier of vacuum storage solutions and food vacuum bags, with an emphasis on customization and quality to meet your individual specifications. Once you have selected the ideal bag or pouch for your application, we can custom print your logo, graphics, and text with our state-of-the-art technology to brand your product packaging for optimal visibility in the marketplace. Our team will closely monitor your packaging from the design phase through production, printing, and product testing. 

Universal Plastic offers quick turn times and excellent pricing on bulk orders. Contact us today to learn more about our competitive prices, vacuum storage bag options, and customization capabilities.

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