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Vacuum Pouch - Vacuum Seal Bag

Vacuum Pouch - Vacuum Seal Bag

Plastic vacuum storage bags are laminated or co-extruded poly-nylon bags perfect for packing foods for proper storage and transportation. These vacuum seal and pouch bags are completely air tight and prohibit the entry of moisture and oxygen inside them. Their multilayer construction enables this and increases their durability. At Universal Plastics, we provide high-quality plastic vacuum storage bags, which offer good impact resistance, and are rugged and flexible at the same time. Importantly, we ensure to comply with the FDA and USDA regulation on food contact.


Types of Plastic Vacuum Storage Bags and Pouches at Universal Plastics

Universal Plastics makes primarily two types of vacuum storage bags— laminated and co-extruded. Both the types meet FDA requirements for food contact and help increase the shelf life of foods because of the features they offer, such as triple-seal construction. They come in a variety of sizes.

  • Laminated Bags: The size of a laminated vacuum seal bags ranges from 10ʺX 10 ʺ to 10 ʺX 30 ʺ. Depending upon the size and content, they have a weight bearing capacity ranging from 21 to 36 lbs.
  • Co-Extruded Bags: The size of co-extruded vacuum storage bags ranges from 10 ʺ X 12 ʺ to 10 ʺ X 22 ʺ. Depending upon the size and content, they have a weight bearing capacity ranging from 21 to 35 lbs.

We offer best prices on bulk orders so place an order at the earliest. We offer printed vacuum pack bags, which can be customized to suit your logo and requirements. They are good for promotions and keeping them on a retail store shelf. Such printed bags not only look attractive but also give out the required details of your food contents and the brand. They help you market your brand easily. At Universal Plastics, we stock all sizes of vacuum seal bags.

As these bags inhibit external moisture, they help retain the freshness of the food products for a long time. Additionally, they are designed to be temperature resistant and yet keep the food content inside intact. For instance, you can boil them or deep freeze them for a long period, the freshness of the food inside is retained, and there is no effect on the plastic. If you require custom printed vacuum pack bags, it is important for you to determine the type and size of the bag you require. We would be happy to assist you in this process and if required in customizing as well.

Applications of Plastic Vacuum Storage Bags and Vacuum Pouch Bags

At Universal Plastics, you can choose from several sizes of these vacuum pack bags according to your requirements, and they may be suitable for the following purposes:

  • Food Packaging: These are ideal for food packaging. Normally, they are used to pack fish, sauces, processed meat, dried fruits, pulses, grains, cheeses, and many other foods.
  • Transportation and Storage of Packed and Sealed Food Items: Since these are oxygen and moisture resistant, as well as temperature resistant, you can easily transport these airtight packets from one place to another. Also you can store them are at room temperature in retail shops, refrigerate them or boil them.
  • Branding: You can use these bags to brand your product provided you get them custom printed.

Order Your Vacuum Pouch Bags from Universal Plastics at the Earliest!

We are a known manufacturer and supplier of wholesale vacuum storage bags and pouches, and we have developed expertize in customizing as per client requirements. We assure you that we offer FDA-approved bags and your scale of business is not important to us. Once you select the bag, we can customize it with logos or graphics of your choice. What are you waiting for? Contact us to order these bags today! For further information, you can reach us on phone or email.