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Performance Rated Freeze to Boil Bags / Pouches

Introducing Universal Plastic’s Performance Rated Freeze to Boil Bags - the ultimate solution for preserving the freshness and quality of your food products. These bags are made from a unique cast polypropylene material that can endure extreme temperatures ranging from -18º C to 130º C (0º to 266º F) without impacting their performance. With Universal Freeze to Boil Bags, you can effortlessly transition from freezer to boiling water, ensuring the preservation of your food while simplifying your cooking process.

  • Temperature Range: -18º C to 130º C (0º to 266º F)
  • Microwave Safe: Can be used in a microwave for up to 15 minutes as specified in EEC Directive 97/48/EC.
SKU SIZE Case Qty Weight Buy 1 Buy 6 Buy 11 Select Qty
30VCB08108" X 10"500 8 lbs$56.51$53.69$50.86
30VCB101210" X 12"500 12 lbs$83.98$79.78$75.59
30VCB142814" X 28"250 20 lbs$131.37$124.80$118.23

Key Features:

  • Temperature Resilience: Our Freeze to Boil Bags are designed to endure a wide temperature range, making them perfect for freezing, heating, and boiling. From the depths of the freezer to the bubbling boil of water, these bags maintain their integrity, eliminating the risk of ruptures or performance failures.
  • Exceptional Clarity and Strength: Experience the clarity and strength of our bags. Their excellent impact resistance and flexibility ensure that your food remains protected while being showcased beautifully.
  • FDA and USDA Compliant: Rest easy knowing that our Freeze to Boil Bags meet the rigorous standards set by the FDA and USDA for food contact. Your food products remain safe and compliant with these trusted regulatory bodies.
  • Extended Shelf-Life: By providing a reliable barrier against external elements, our bags extend the shelf-life of a variety of food products. Keep your items fresh and appetizing for longer, reducing waste and enhancing food storage capabilities.


  • Versatility: From the freezer to boiling water, our bags handle it all, simplifying your cooking process.
  • Durability: Engineered to withstand extreme temperatures without performance failures, ensuring your food remains intact and fresh.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Meets FDA and USDA requirements, providing you with peace of mind regarding food safety.
  • Extended Freshness: These bags extend the shelf life of your food products, reducing waste and enhancing your food storage capabilities.

Elevate your food preservation game with Performance Rated Freeze to Boil Bags from Universal Plastic. Trust in their temperature resilience, clarity, and strength to keep your food fresh and your cooking process seamless. Whether you’re a professional in the food industry or a home chef, our bags provide the reliability and versatility you need. Choose Universal Plastic and experience the difference in food preservation quality and convenience.

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