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Poly Tubing | Plastic tubing | Polyethylene Tubing

Poly Tubing | Plastic tubing | Polyethylene Tubing

An Overall Guide to Plastic Tubing & Its Versatile Applications

Plastic tubing or widely known as the poly tubing is an adaptable plastic drape on a roll, which is basically used for a range of commercial packaging and industrial applications. Plastic tubing is often utilised as a substitute to poly bags owing to its capability to create a diverse range of package lengths. Plastic tubing is mainly chiefly used at the time of multiple wrapping products, varying in size and length. The tubing sued for wrapping up products can easily be potted with an impulse sealer for enabling super-fast and competent packaging.

All You Need To Know About Plastic Tubing

  • Plastic tubing is a high-quality, flexible, lightweight, and completely durable tubing solution that is idyllic for being used in a wide range of applications, involving the shifting of both liquid and gas fluid elements.
  • Its lifelessness also enables it to be efficiently utilised for the safely transfer a number of fluids, chemicals, and other materials. Due to its chemical inertness, the plastic tubing often creates a real barrier to keep gases, vapours, and moisture sealed and contained.
  • In the current market, there are a number of companies who offer versatile choices on plastic tubing. Starting from size to design to texture and quality, plastic tubing varies on the basis of applications and requirements.
  • From 1.5 and 2 mil to 3, 4, and six mils, plastic tubing can be accessed in a variety of widths and lengths and users need to select the pipe on the basis of their requirements.
  • Moreover, the plastic tubing also can be modified for individual purposes and requirements. However, you need to find out a professional and expert plastic company for tailoring the tubing to address specific needs.
  • Starting from coiling and bonding to cutting, special packaging and printing, plastic tubing can be modified for individual purposes and applications. Moreover, it also can be bespoke for all types of requirements, ranging from size, shape or shade that you need.
  • There are various types of tubing like Polyethylene Tubing, Poly Tubing, Plastic tubing, Clean Room Tubing, Tubing Rack, and much more. However, the accessibility to all such wide range of tubing products can only be gotten from professional plastic manufacturers like Universal Plastic.

Here Is A Complete Guide To Various Types Of Tubing Which Can Be Used For Different Industrial Purposes:
  1. Poly Tubing:
It is a flexible, lightweight, and long-lasting tubing solution to meet various applications like the shifting of gases and liquid.
  1. Clean Room Tubing:
Clean Room Tubing is a sturdy and high-quality tubing solution intended for ensuring cleanliness made from virgin resin.
  1. Pink Antistatic Tubing:

Pink Anti-Static Tubing holds powerful additives that efficiently eradicate the risks of static injury to thin-skinned electronic materials throughout the extensive process of wrapping, storing and transport.

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