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Poly Tubing • 1.25-6 Mil LDPE

Poly Tubing • 1.25-6 Mil LDPE

Polyethylene tubing is a durable, lightweight material with a wide range of applications. The tubes can be constructed with different diameters and thicknesses, cut at different lengths, and sealed on one or both ends to best fit a given application. This makes poly tubing especially suitable for creating protective packaging for items of varying lengths. At Universal Plastic, we specialize in producing poly tubing ranging in size from 1.25 mil to 6.0 mil, as well as cleanroom-quality tubing that meets or exceeds FDA requirements. Learn more about the multiple benefits of polyethylene tubing, the different options available, and how Universal Plastic can help ensure you have the right poly tubing for your next project.
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Polyethylene Tube Roll Benefits

Polyethylene is a very versatile product that can be sized or modified to securely contain almost any product. For example, the tubing can be cut to different lengths based on the length (or total volume) of the product it needs to contain. The ends of the tubes can also be taped, stapled, or heat-sealed for a temporary or permanent enclosure.

Low-density polyethylene is far more flexible than its high-density alternative (HDPE), which means the tubing can be bent or rolled without permanently deforming the tube. However, its soft and flexible nature can make LDPE less strong than similar materials, so it’s important to design the tubing so the contents or the external environment don’t put too much pressure on the tube walls. Along with its flexibility, LDPE offers the following advantages:

  • Resistance to moisture damage and leak formation
  • Resistance to chemical staining and damage, which makes LDPE particularly advantageous for applications in food and beverage processing, pharmaceuticals manufacturing, and single-use cartons or beverage storage
  • It’s a recyclable material that companies can reuse or turn to as part of ongoing green initiatives
  • Cost-effectiveness in large production runs or mass manufacturing projects
  • Shock-proof
  • Resistance to physical impact damage
  • Resistance to high and low temperatures ranging from -40°C to 90°C

FDA Approved PE Tubing

Polyethylene tubing, especially 100% virgin low-density polyethylene, is a chemically resistant tubing material. That makes the material a safe choice for limiting or eliminating the potential spread of food-based contamination. Polyethylene tubing meets FDA standards for use in food and beverage processing centers and food storage or distribution applications.

FDA compliant materials are rated as meeting the FDA’s material requirements for supplies or components that directly contact food and consumable products. These requirements include compatibility with cleaning processes, resistance to the heat used throughout the processing or storage of consumable goods, and compatibility with the consumable product being stored.

Poly Tubing Solutions

At Universal Plastic, we offer a wide variety of sizing options for our tubing solutions to ensure our customers have the best possible poly tubing for their project. We create poly tubing with gauging options ranging from 1.25 mil to 6 mil in thickness, and all sizes come on 12″ diameter rolls with 3″ cores for easy handling and organization.

Custom Printing Capabilities

Our poly tubing is also compatible with custom printing processes. We can treat our polyethylene tubing materials so they are receptive to long-term ink prints that can display alphanumeric characters. Clients can have poly tubing printed with branding material, tubing specifications, and more so the product is easy to track and meets their precise needs.

Rolls Of Tubing

Order Wholesale Clear Poly Tubing Today

Poly tubing is a very versatile product that can transport food-grade materials and consumable goods without jeopardizing their quality. If you require clear poly tubing for your application, contact us today to learn more about our capabilities and products.

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