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1.25 Mil Clear Poly Tubing

Universal Plastic is your trusted source for high-quality packaging solutions. Introducing our premium 1.25 Mil Clear Poly Tubing – a versatile packaging solution designed to cater to the needs of retailers, the food and beverage industry, and industrial and manufacturing companies. With its exceptional flexibility and durability, this poly tubing is perfect for creating custom-sized protective packaging for items of varying lengths.

Key Features:
  • Tailored Protection: Our 1.25 Mil Poly Tubing allows you to create protective packaging that perfectly fits your products, regardless of length. You can easily cut the plastic tubing to the length you need and then seal one or both ends to create a customized packaging solution that keeps your item safe and secure.
  • Food-Safe Material: Crafted from 100% virgin low-density polyethylene, our poly tubing is entirely safe for packaging food products. It meets FDA requirements for food use, providing peace of mind when packaging edible items.
  • Printable Surface: This poly tubing is treated on one side, allowing it to accept printing inks readily.
  • Easy Sealing Options: Whether you prefer heat sealing, stapling, or taping, our 1.25 Mil Clear Poly Tubing provides versatile sealing options. You can secure your packaging at one or both ends, ensuring the utmost protection for your products.
  • Generous Length: Each roll of 1.25 Mil Poly Tubing spans 3500 feet long, offering ample material for your packaging needs.
  • Convenient Packaging: All sizes of our poly tubing come conveniently wound on 12" diameter rolls with 3" cores. This design facilitates easy handling, storage, and dispensing, streamlining your packaging process.

Choose Universal Plastic's 1.25 Mil Clear Poly Tubing for packaging that's as unique as your products. With its exceptional versatility, safety features, and customizable options, this poly tubing is your go-to solution for protective packaging. Join countless satisfied customers who trust our top-tier packaging solutions.

Contact us to place your order or inquire about custom sizes. Universal Plastic - Your Packaging Partner for Excellence.
SKU SIZE Case Qty Weight Buy 1 Buy 6 Buy 11 Select Qty
T1-1001210" X 3500ft1 34 lbs$133.10$126.44$119.79
T1-1201212" X 3500ft1 41 lbs$172.68$164.04$155.41
T2-1401214" X 3500ft1 48 lbs$171.37$162.80$154.23
T2-1601216" X 3500ft1 55 lbs$181.45$172.38$163.31
T2-1801218" X 3500ft1 62 lbs$208.39$197.97$187.55
T2-2001220" X 3500ft1 68 lbs$231.54$219.96$208.38
T2-2201222" X 3500ft1 75 lbs$254.70$241.97$229.23
T2-2401224" X 3500ft1 82 lbs$258.93$245.98$233.04
T3-2601226" X 3500ft1 89 lbs$304.55$289.32$274.09
T3-3001230" X 3500ft1 102 lbs$347.79$330.40$313.01
T3-3201232" X 3500ft1 109 lbs$370.98$352.43$333.88
T3-3601236" X 3500ft1 123 lbs$421.61$400.52$379.44
T3-3801238" X 3500ft1 130 lbs$444.80$422.56$400.32

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