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Gusset Bags Wholesale Plastic Bags for All Applications Bulk Orders Universal Plastic

Plastic bags are useful in various industries and come with a range of customization options to suit your application. Wholesale plastic bags, or poly bags, from Universal Plastic offer a high-quality solution ideal for packaging, transportation, and storage. We can customize our plastic bags with color images and text to convey your branding, promotions, logos, messages, contact information, and more. We can also tailor your wholesale plastic bags to provide the appropriate size and thickness for your industry or application.

Bulk plastic bags from Universal Plastic allow you to purchase custom bags in larger quantities and save while meeting your needs for transporting, storing, and protecting your products and materials. As a leading plastic bag manufacturer, we understand the different packaging and storage requirements of our customers and are here to provide reliable plastic bags with the best wholesale prices and fast turnaround times.

Get the Best Plastic Bag In Bulk for Your Needs

Universal Plastic offers a wide variety of plastic bags in bulk. We can deliver a wholesale solution that will meet any industry or specific application requirements. Our bulk plastic bags come in various styles and designs while suiting a range of budgets.

Our wholesale plastic bag solutions include:

Universal Plastic's Poly Bag Features

At Universal Plastic, our high-quality wholesale poly bags meet the needs of every size business. Our wholesale plastic bags come in various sizes, colors, and designs, and they can be made to withstand long-distance transportation and reuse.

We manufacture our bags with the following features:


Order Discounted Wholesale Plastic Bags Today!

When ordering plastic bags in bulk, rely on a wholesaler that can meet your needs with high-quality materials and a range of customization options. Universal Plastic offers custom wholesale plastic bags for every industry and application, with attractive discounts on bulk orders and quick turnarounds. We offer everything from mattress bags and garment bags to retail plastic bags, auto bags, newspaper bags, and more.

Universal Plastic has over 20 years of experience manufacturing plastic bags and other packaging solutions. We rely on high-tech equipment and quality assurance processes to deliver a wholesale solution that fits your needs. Our attention to quality, quick lead times, responsive customer service, and unbeatable prices on bulk orders have helped us build a growing base of repeat customers. Contact us today for your next wholesale plastic bag order.

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