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Plastic Shopping Bags

Promote Your Business through Customized & Printed Plastic Shopping Bags.
Universal Plastic provides wholesale plastic shopping bags are one of the important and inseparable parts of the retail segment. When printed with logos, graphics, and other information, these shopping bags can work wonders for any business by helping spread the popularity of the brand. Being one of the leading suppliers of plastic bags, we offer varieties of easy-to-carry printed shopping bags in different styles at attractive wholesale prices. Get quote for Wholesale Shopping Bags for your business. Order today!


Benefits of Using Custom Printed Plastic Shopping Bags Offered By Universal Plastic

Custom printed plastic shopping bags never go out of trend and they are still in demand owing to several reasons. At Universal Plastics, we regularly process large orders of plastic shopping bags, and we believe their popularity is due to the following reasons.

  • Brand Marketing: No matter what kind of business you run, it is quite easy for you to print your business’s logo, name, and other valuable information on plastic shopping bags. Logo printed on plastic shopping bags would help your customers in identifying your brand.
  • Easy to Open and Pack: Plastic shopping bags designed by our team are easy to open, and pack. This will save your few seconds, as well as efforts required to open other traditional shopping bags. Additionally, these bags require less storage space than traditional paper bags.
  • Durable: Our plastic shopping bags are known for their durability. Made of high-density material with controlled-life technology, these custom printed shopping bags outperform cloth or paper bags when it comes to being weatherproof. This special formulation enables their easy break down in the presence of heat, sunlight, and outdoor elements.
  • Available in Various Colors: You can avail printed plastic shopping bags in a variety of colors such as beige, black, blue, burgundy, chocolate, dark green, magenta, orange, red, rose, silver, teal green, white, and yellow.
  • Easy to Store: Custom printed plastic shopping bags can be packed in a low cube dispenser carton, and can be easily stored at the retail counters, or market shelves. Additionally, these bags are embossed, which makes their opening effortless.

Applications of Custom Printed Plastic Shopping Bags

Custom printed shopping bags are commonly used for promotional, retail and industrial uses. Personalized plastic shopping bags are used for

  • Brand promotions at tradeshows, and various promotional events
  • Regular retail promotions
  • Carrying wrapped or unwrapped gift items
  • Carrying and transporting magazines, produce, chemicals, powders, and so on
  • Carrying grocery items

Buy Quality Custom Printed Plastic Shopping Bags at Wholesale Prices

No matter, what kind of business you’re into, custom printed plastic shopping bags are the perfect solution for all types of business promotions. We can customize these bags as per your requirements, and also assure great discounts on bulk orders. Still not convinced? Get in touch with our experts and then make your decision. They will also help you to choose the right color for your brand promotions. We also provide medical bags, anti-static bags, poly bags, and more.

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