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1.5 Mil Clear Poly Tubing

Experience the superior quality of Universal Plastic's wholesale 1.5 Mil Clear Poly Tubing – the perfect choice for retail, food and beverage, and industrial and manufacturing businesses. Our high-quality poly tubing is designed to provide exceptional protection and convenience, offering you the flexibility to tailor packaging to the exact needs of your products. Whether you're looking to package items of varying lengths or require a reliable solution for bulk packaging, our 1.5 mil poly tubing is the answer you've been searching for.

Key Features:
  • Customizable Lengths: Our 1.5 mil poly tubing is perfect for packaging items of varying lengths. The tubing can be effortlessly cut to the desired length and securely sealed on one or both ends, offering a snug fit and reliable protection.
  • Premium Material: Crafted from 100% virgin low-density polyethylene, our poly tubing is durable and safe for use with food products. It's a versatile choice that meets FDA requirements for food contact, making it an excellent option for packaging food items.
  • Print-Ready Surface: Our bulk plastic tubing is treated on one side to accept printing inks readily. This feature allows you to enhance your brand's visibility by adding logos, labels, or essential product information to your packaging.
  • Multiple Closure Options: You can choose your preferred sealing method. Our customizable poly tubing can be securely sealed with heat, staples, or tape on either end to meet your packaging needs.
  • Convenient Packaging: All 1.5 mil poly tubing sizes come on 12" diameter rolls with 3" cores. This user-friendly packaging makes handling and storing your poly tubing a breeze, streamlining your packaging process.

Choose Universal Plastic for all your 1.5 Mil Clear Poly Tubing Needs. We offer customizable packaging solutions for retailers, FDA-compliant packaging for food/beverage professionals, and bulk packaging for manufacturers. Our wholesale 1.5 mil poly tubing combines quality, versatility, and convenience to meet the diverse needs of your business. Experience the difference today by selecting the right size for your requirements and enjoying the benefits of premium poly tubing.
SKU SIZE Case Qty Weight Buy 1 Buy 6 Buy 11 Select Qty
T1-020152" X 2900ft1 7 lbs$49.55$47.07$44.59
T1-030153" X 2900ft1 11 lbs$65.22$61.96$58.70
T1-025152 1/2" X 2900ft1 9 lbs$58.70$55.76$52.83
T1-040154" X 2900ft1 14 lbs$63.81$60.62$57.43
T1-050155" X 2900ft1 17 lbs$71.36$67.79$64.22
T1-060156" X 2900ft1 21 lbs$80.51$76.49$72.46
T1-070157" X 2900ft1 24 lbs$105.89$100.60$95.30
T1-080158" X 2900ft1 28 lbs$98.42$93.49$88.57
T1-090159" X 2900ft1 31 lbs$112.55$106.92$101.29
T1-1001510" X 2900ft1 34 lbs$116.41$110.59$104.77
T1-1201512" X 2900ft1 41 lbs$133.61$126.93$120.25
T2-1401514" X 2900ft1 48 lbs$152.02$144.42$136.82
T2-1501515" X 2900ft1 51 lbs$166.06$157.76$149.46
T2-1601516" X 2900ft1 55 lbs$169.20$160.74$152.28
T2-1801518" X 2900ft1 62 lbs$180.90$171.86$162.81
T2-2001520" X 2900ft1 68 lbs$202.92$192.77$182.63
T2-2201522" X 2900ft1 75 lbs$229.19$217.73$206.27
T2-2401524" X 2900ft1 82 lbs$241.23$229.17$217.11
T3-2601526" X 2900ft1 89 lbs$262.31$249.19$236.07
T3-2801528" X 2900ft1 96 lbs$282.73$268.59$254.46
T3-3001530" X 2900ft1 102 lbs$303.84$288.65$273.46
T3-3201532" X 2900ft1 109 lbs$304.34$289.13$273.91
T3-3601536" X 2900ft1 123 lbs$352.58$334.95$317.32
T3-3801538" X 2900ft1 130 lbs$424.72$403.49$382.25
T3-4001540" X 2900ft1 136 lbs$397.10$377.25$357.39
T3-4201542" X 2900ft1 143 lbs$492.87$468.23$443.58
T3-4401544" X 2900ft1 150 lbs$482.75$458.61$434.47
T3-4801548" X 2900ft1 164 lbs$479.83$455.84$431.85

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