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2.0 Mil Clear Poly Tubing

Universal Plastic is your trusted source for high-quality packaging solutions. Our 2.0 Mil clear poly tubing for Flexible Packaging Needs is the ultimate choice for retailers, the food and beverage industry, and industrial and manufacturing companies. These polyethylene tubing roll bags are a versatile and protective option for packaging. Wholesale poly tubing is a reliable and personalized solution that protects and stabilizes goods during transportation.

Key Features:
  • Versatile Protection: Our 2.0 mil poly tubing is a remarkable solution for safeguarding items of varying lengths. With the ability to be easily cut to required sizes and sealed on one or both ends, this tubing provides a tailored packaging solution for items big and small.
  • Premium Material: Our poly tubing, crafted from 100% virgin low-density polyethylene, is designed to meet the highest quality standards. It's a safe choice for food and beverage businesses.
  • Printing Compatibility: Our poly tubing is treated on one side, allowing it to accept printing inks readily. This feature opens up exciting branding possibilities, helping you create custom packaging that aligns with your brand identity.
  • Secure Sealing Options: Achieve the desired level of sealing with ease. Our tubing can be heat-sealed, stapled, or taped at either one or both ends, ensuring your products are well-protected throughout storage, transport, and display.
  • Convenient Packaging: All sizes of our poly tubing come on 12" diameter rolls with 3" cores, ensuring easy handling and storage. This user-friendly design streamlines your packaging process and boosts efficiency.
  • FDA-Approved: We understand the importance of safety, especially in industries dealing with food products. Our 2.0 Mil clear poly tubing meets FDA food-use requirements, giving you the peace of mind that your packaging solution aligns with regulatory standards.

Product Specifications:
  • Thickness: 2.0 mil
  • Length: Various options available
  • Material: 100% virgin low-density polyethylene
  • Printing: Treated for ink compatibility
  • Sealing: Heat seal, staple, or tape
  • Packaging: 12" diameter rolls with 3" cores
  • FDA-approved for food use

Universal Plastic provides packaging solutions that enhance your brand, protect your products, and exceed your expectations. Our 2.0 Mil clear poly tubing combines durability, versatility, and compliance to offer the perfect packaging solution. Experience the difference of top-notch packaging with Universal Plastic. Contact us today to place your order or to learn more about how our wholesale 2.0 Mil clear poly tubing can elevate your packaging game.
SKU SIZE Case Qty Weight Buy 1 Buy 6 Buy 11 Select Qty
T1-020202" X 2150ft1 7 lbs$49.55$47.07$44.59
T1-015201 1/2" X 2150ft1 6 lbs$39.22$37.26$35.30
T1-025202 1/2" X 2150ft1 9 lbs$58.02$55.12$52.22
T1-030203" X 2150ft1 11 lbs$64.46$61.24$58.02
T1-040204" X 2150ft1 14 lbs$63.15$60.00$56.84
T1-045204 1/2" X 2150ft1 16 lbs$82.39$78.27$74.15
T1-050205" X 2150ft1 17 lbs$70.50$66.97$63.45
T1-060206" X 2150ft1 21 lbs$79.57$75.59$71.61
T1-070207" X 2150ft1 48 lbs$95.73$90.94$86.16
T1-080208" X 2150ft1 28 lbs$97.36$92.49$87.63
T1-090209" X 2150ft1 31 lbs$108.20$102.79$97.38
T1-1002010" X 2150ft1 34 lbs$115.05$109.29$103.54
T1-1202012" X 2150ft1 41 lbs$132.07$125.47$118.86
T2-1402014" X 2150ft1 48 lbs$149.38$141.91$134.44
T2-1502015" X 2150ft1 51 lbs$166.06$157.76$149.46
T2-1602016" X 2150ft1 55 lbs$164.35$156.13$147.91
T2-1802018" X 2150ft1 62 lbs$178.82$169.88$160.94
T2-2002020" X 2150ft1 68 lbs$200.58$190.55$180.52
T3-2102021" X 2150ft1 72 lbs$150.26$142.75$135.23
T2-2202022" X 2150ft1 75 lbs$223.05$211.89$200.74
T2-2402024" X 2150ft1 82 lbs$238.42$226.50$214.58
T3-2602026" X 2150ft1 89 lbs$259.29$246.33$233.37
T3-2802028" X 2150ft1 96 lbs$279.50$265.53$251.55
T3-3002030" X 2150ft1 102 lbs$300.38$285.36$270.34
T3-3202032" X 2150ft1 109 lbs$235.90$224.11$212.31
T3-3602036" X 2150ft1 123 lbs$348.52$331.09$313.66
T3-3802038" X 2150ft1 130 lbs$412.70$392.06$371.43
T3-4002040" X 2150ft1 136 lbs$392.55$372.93$353.30
T3-4202042" X 2150ft1 143 lbs$492.87$468.23$443.58
T3-4402044" X 2150ft1 150 lbs$497.23$472.37$447.51
T3-4802048" X 2150ft1 164 lbs$474.34$450.62$426.90

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