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Co-Extruded Vacuum Pouches

Discover the superior packaging solution that ensures the freshness and quality of your food products - our Co-Extruded Vacuum Pouches. These pouches are a testament to the food industry's unwavering commitment to excellence, delivering unbeatable value, dependability, and functionality. Whether you're packaging meats, fish, nuts, dried fruit, jerky, or snack products, our vacuum pouches are designed to extend shelf life and maintain the integrity of your goods.

Product Details:
  • Film Thickness: Three-mil (7 layers)
  • Material: Polyethylene and nylon resins
  • Barrier Properties: Low oxygen transfer rate, excellent moisture vapor transmission resistance
  • Compliance: Meets FDA and USDA requirements for food contact
SKU SIZE Case Qty Weight Buy 1 Buy 6 Buy 11 Select Qty
30NVC06086" X 8"1,000 11 lbs$45.94$43.64$41.35
30NVC06106" X 10"1,000 13 lbs$57.42$54.54$51.67
30NVC06126" X 12"1,000 16 lbs$68.93$65.48$62.04
30NVC06156" X 15"1,000 19 lbs$86.14$81.84$77.53
30NVC07097" X 9"1,000 14 lbs$60.30$57.29$54.27
30NVC08108" X 10"1,000 17 lbs$76.57$72.74$68.91
30NVC08128" X 12"1,000 21 lbs$91.88$87.29$82.69
30NVC08158" X 15"1,000 26 lbs$114.84$109.10$103.36
30NVC101010" X 10"1,000 21 lbs$95.70$90.92$86.13
30NVC101210" X 12"1,000 26 lbs$114.84$109.10$103.36
30NVC101310" X 13"1,000 28 lbs$124.42$118.20$111.97
30NVC101510" X 15"1,000 32 lbs$143.56$136.38$129.20
30NVC102210" X 22"500 23 lbs$105.29$100.02$94.76
30NVC121212" X 12"1,000 31 lbs$132.11$125.51$118.90
30NVC121412" X 14"1,000 35 lbs$156.87$149.03$141.18
30NVC121512" X 15"500 19 lbs$82.04$77.94$73.84
30NVC121612" X 16"500 21 lbs$88.17$83.76$79.35
30NVC121812" X 18"500 23 lbs$98.50$93.57$88.65
30NVC141614" X 16"500 24 lbs$102.14$97.03$91.93
30NVC142014" X 20"500 30 lbs$127.68$121.30$114.91
30NVC162016" X 20"500 34 lbs$145.92$138.63$131.33
30NVC162416" X 24"500 43 lbs$182.51$173.38$164.26
30NVC162616" X 26"250 22 lbs$94.85$90.11$85.37
30NVC182818" X 28"250 27 lbs$168.25$159.84$151.43

Key Features:

  • Top-Grade Materials: Our Co-Extruded Vacuum Pouches are manufactured from a carefully selected blend of polyethylene and nylon resins, forming a seven-layer, three-mil thick film. This composition ensures excellent clarity and strength and guarantees compliance with FDA and USDA requirements for food contact. Your products deserve the best, and our pouches provide peace of mind.
  • Shape-Conforming Flexibility: The stretchable nature of our co-extruded material allows it to conform to unique product shapes effortlessly. No matter the contours of your food items, our vacuum pouches provide a snug and secure fit, maintaining the overall presentation and preventing unwanted movement during storage and transportation.
  • Superior Barrier Properties: Experience the benefits of a low oxygen transfer rate and exceptional moisture vapor transmission resistance. Our Co-Extruded Vacuum Pouches act as a reliable barrier against external elements, safeguarding your products against deterioration, ensuring a longer shelf life, and preserving the flavors and textures your customers expect.

Elevate your packaging game with Co-Extruded Vacuum Pouches from Universal Plastic. Trust in our pouches’ strength, flexibility, and barrier properties to safeguard the quality of your food products. Whether you’re a food processor, retailer, or part of the food industry, our vacuum pouches are the ideal choice for extending shelf life and preserving the excellence of your goods. Choose Universal Plastic for packaging that goes beyond expectations and keeps your products fresh, flavorful, and ready for your customers to enjoy.

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