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1.15 Mil Trash Bags-Can Liners

Linear Low Density Can Liners have excellent tear and puncture resistance, so they have the strength you need to handle your toughest jobs. They’re available in (S) Standard; (H) Heavy and (EH) Extra Heavy gauge thicknesses, all matched to standard can sizes. Linear low density for extra strength without extra weightChoose from Standard, Heavy or Extra Heavy weight, all matched to standard can sizesAvailable in brown or clear
SKU SIZE Case Qty Weight Buy 1 Buy 6 Buy 11 Select Qty
ALL60BXX22" X 14" X 58"100 16 lbs$74.45$70.72$67.00
ALL60CXX22" X 14" X 58"100 16 lbs$75.69$71.91$68.13
ALL48BXX23" X 17" X 46"200 29 lbs$131.22$124.66$118.10
ALL48CXX23" X 17" X 46"200 29 lbs$133.45$126.78$120.11
ALL61BXX38" X 58"100 17 lbs$78.17$74.26$70.35
ALL61CXX38" X 58"100 17 lbs$80.02$76.02$72.02

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