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LDPE-Gusseted Bag

LDPE-Gusseted Bag

Choose from a Vast Selection of Gusseted Poly Bags and Gusseted Plastic Bags and Avail Huge Discounts! Gusseted bags, like the name suggests, utilize a gusset to increase the amount of volume of the bag. Confused with the term Gusset? It is nothing but just a material added to the side or the bottom of the bag to extend the capacity when packing bulky items. Gusseted plastic bags, which feature either creased sides or creased bottom gussets, are engineered with 100% virgin low density Polyethylene (LDPE) resins. They are the perfect solution when your requirements call for packing or storing bulky or irregular shaped products from small and large parts to all types of food items. Widely established as a leading gusseted poly bag manufacturer, Universal Plastic is committed to offer an incredible selection of sizes and gauges to meet your demands.


Features of LDPE Gusseted Poly Bags

The offered gusseted polyethylene bags provide excellent protection to the items stored. As they are manufactured from virgin materials, they comply with FDA requirements for use in the food industry applications. These plastic bags not only provide enough slack for the items but also stand upright. This becomes convenient for the user when filling loose items such as screws or candies. The gusseted plastic bags we offer will undoubtedly provide you with affordable, wholesale packaging for your needs.

LDPE gusseted plastic bags are manufactured with good transparency. Therefore it is easy to identify the contents inside, making the bags suitable for displaying food items or clothing. At Universal Plastic, we regularly provide gusseted plastic bags, which are preferred owing to their benefits as listed below.

  • Gusseted plastic bags, which come in various sizes, shapes, thicknesses and styles, have excellent impact/puncture resistance.
  • They are manufactured to protect products safe from abusive environments including dust, dirt and moisture.
  • Gusseted polyethylene bags are recyclable and when burnt they emit low carbon footprint.
  • They are inspected and stamped for quality assurance with regard to clarity and strength.
  • They are non-toxic.
  • When ordered in bulk, their cases and inner packs are bar coded and clearly labeled for easy identification.

Applications of Gusseted Polyethylene Bags

Evolved into a more effective bag than non-gusseted bags, the gusseted poly bags are more common nowadays. Applications of these bags are virtually unlimited and are common in apparel, garment, fabric, medical, food, pharmaceutical industries, among others. We, being a prominent LDPE gusseted poly bag manufacturer, supply the bags to customers to efficaciously store products such as:

  • Coffee grounds, potpourri, spices, and organic teas
  • Nuts and bolts
  • Hardware items
  • Crafts, gardening/soil
  • Tape rolls, books, and confections
  • Clothing, towels, and gift baskets

Get the Right Gusseted Plastic Bags at the Best Wholesale Prices from Universal Plastic

Our commitment is to meet the customer needs instantly when the requirements arise. We do not make you wait as we keep a rich inventory of gusseted bags that are ready to ship. We also support our customers right from the beginning to make the most suitable purchase without being confused looking at our vast product portfolio. At Universal Plastic, we believe in ultimate customer satisfaction and hence the entire team stands committed to achieve the same! We believe all these makes us one of the popular gusseted bag manufacturers in the US.