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Pink Anti-Static Poly Tubing

Discover the superior protection that Universal Plastic’s pink anti-static poly tubing brings to your sensitive electronic components. Our precisely crafted tubing serves as a comprehensive safeguard for your items across the entire packaging, storage, and shipping process. It eliminates static damage risks, providing you with peace of mind. With an exceptional surface resistivity of 1012 ohms/ and a composition free of amines, our pink anti-static poly tubing ensures the safety of even the most delicate polycarbonate boards. This tubing becomes your go-to solution when static control is essential, but Faraday Cage Protection is not necessary.


  • Material: Pink Anti-Static
  • Surface Resistivity: 1012 ohms/


Key Features:

  • Effective Static Protection: The Pink Anti-Static material contains specialized additives that effectively eliminate static damage hazards, ensuring the pristine condition of your sensitive electronic components. Your items remain safe throughout the entire packaging process.
  • Amine-Free for Polycarbonate Preservation: Our tubing’s amine-free composition ensures that sensitive polycarbonate boards remain unharmed, preventing potential damage or degradation.
  • Customizable and Versatile: Poly tubing is a fantastic choice for creating customized protective packaging. Cut the tubing to the desired lengths, and seal it on one or both ends. Its versatility makes it ideal for items of varying heights.
  • Easy Identification of Contents: The semi-transparent material of the tubing allows for quick and effortless identification of the contents, enhancing efficiency in your operations.


  • Electronics Industry: Protect delicate electronic components during packaging, storage, and shipping, ensuring they remain in optimal condition.
  • Polycarbonate Surfaces: Preserve the quality of sensitive polycarbonate boards without worrying about damage or degradation.

Why Choose pink anti-static poly tubing: Opt for pink anti-static poly tubing when static control is a requirement, but Faraday Cage Protection is not needed. It offers top-notch protection for sensitive items, making it an excellent choice for various applications.

Elevate your static control with pink anti-static poly tubing from Universal Plastic. Our commitment to quality shines through in every roll of tubing, ensuring your electronics remain safe, secure, and free from static damage. Choose us for your packaging needs, and experience the confidence that comes with superior protection. Pink Poly Tubing – your solution for static-free, worry-free packaging.

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