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4.0 Mil Pink Anti-Static Poly Tubing

Discover the exceptional protection of our 4.0 mil Pink Anti-Static Poly Tubing – the ultimate solution for packaging sensitive electronic components. Specially crafted with advanced additives, this tubing effectively eliminates the risk of static damage during packaging, storage, and shipping. Rest assured that your sensitive polycarbonate boards remain unharmed with a surface resistivity of 1012 ohms/ and completely amine-free. Our Pink Anti-Static Tubing offers the perfect balance of static control, making it the ideal choice when Faraday Cage Protection is not required.

  • Thickness: 4.0 Mil.
  • Surface Resistivity: 1012 ohms/
  • Material: Pink Anti-Static.
SKU SIZE Case Qty Weight Buy 1 Buy 6 Buy 11 Select Qty
T4-020402" X 1075ft1 82 lbs$69.55$66.07$62.60
T4-030403" X 1075ft1 11 lbs$78.26$74.35$70.43
T4-040404" X 1075ft1 14 lbs$66.27$62.96$59.64
T4-050405" X 1075ft1 17 lbs$87.09$82.73$78.38
T4-060406" X 1075ft1 21 lbs$96.16$91.35$86.54
T4-080408" X 1075ft1 28 lbs$124.96$118.71$112.46
T4-090409" X 1075ft1 21 lbs$126.40$120.08$113.76
T4-1004010" X 1075ft1 34 lbs$144.29$137.07$129.86
T4-1204012" X 1075ft1 41 lbs$165.70$157.41$149.13
T4-1504015" X 1075ft1 51 lbs$243.31$231.14$218.98
T4-1604016" X 1075ft1 55 lbs$219.59$208.61$197.63
T4-1804018" X 1075ft1 62 lbs$287.66$273.28$258.89
T4-2404024" X 1075ft1 82 lbs$330.47$313.94$297.42

Key Features:

  • Advanced Anti-Static Protection: Our Pink Anti-Static material is formulated with additives that eliminate static damage risks for sensitive electronic components. Maintain the integrity and quality of your items throughout the packaging process.
  • Amine-Free for Polycarbonate Preservation: Rest easy knowing our tubing won’t damage sensitive polycarbonate boards. The amine-free formulation ensures the longevity and quality of your components.
  • Versatile Packaging Solution: Create protective packaging for items of varying lengths with ease. You can conveniently cut our poly tubing to the required lengths and seal it on one or both ends, offering flexibility and security.
  • Convenient Roll Sizes: We supply all our Pink Anti-Static Poly Tubing sizes on 12″ diameter rolls. This thoughtful design ensures easy handling and storage in various operational setups.

Choose the 4.0 mil Pink Anti-Static Poly Tubing from Universal Plastic to protect sensitive electronic components. Our commitment to quality and advanced static control ensures your items remain safe, secure, and free from potential hazards. Opt for our amine-free tubing when static control is essential, but Faraday Cage Protection is not required. Elevate your packaging standards with Universal Plastic and experience peace of mind with top-notch electronics protection.

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