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2.0 Mil Pink Anti-Static Poly Tubing

Experience the superior protection and versatility of Universal Plastic's 2.0 mil pink anti-static poly tubing, designed to safeguard sensitive electronic components while offering the flexibility to customize packaging for items of varying lengths. Our tubing features an innovative pink anti-static material, strengthened by additives, that actively eliminates the risk of static damage throughout the packaging, storage, and shipping. Say goodbye to worries about static-related issues - our amine-free tubing ensures the preservation of sensitive polycarbonate boards, making it the perfect choice for a wide range of applications.

  • Thickness: 2.0 Mil.
  • Features: Pink Anti-Static, amine-free, suitable for custom packaging.
  • Roll Size: 12" diameter.
SKU SIZE Case Qty Weight Buy 1 Buy 6 Buy 11 Select Qty
T4-030203" X 2150ft1 41 lbs$76.05$72.24$68.44
T4-040204" X 2150ft1 11 lbs$75.37$71.60$67.83
T4-050205" X 2150ft1 14 lbs$90.46$85.94$81.42
T4-060206" X 2150ft1 17 lbs$108.55$103.13$97.70
T4-080208" X 2150ft1 21 lbs$144.73$137.50$130.26
T4-090209" X 2150ft1 28 lbs$162.81$154.67$146.53
T4-1002010" X 2150ft1 31 lbs$180.93$171.88$162.83
T4-1202012" X 2150ft1 34 lbs$200.33$190.31$180.29
T4-1802018" X 2150ft1 41 lbs$287.66$273.28$258.89
T4-2402024" X 2150ft1 62 lbs$383.52$364.35$345.17

Key Features:

  • Advanced Static Control: Our Pink Anti-Static material with a surface resistivity of 1012 ohms/ Ensures the utmost protection for your sensitive electronic components. Bid farewell to static hazards, keeping your items secure throughout their journey.
  • Amine-Free Formula: Rest assured that our tubing is amine-free, safeguarding sensitive polycarbonate boards from damage. Preserve the quality of your components without compromising on protection.
  • Tailored Protective Packaging: The flexibility of our poly tubing is unmatched. It’s excellent for creating custom protective packaging for items of varying lengths. Cut the tubing to your desired length and seal it on one or both ends for a perfect fit.
  • Roll Convenience: All sizes of our 2.0 mil pink anti-static poly tubing come on 12″ diameter rolls, ensuring easy handling and efficient packaging setup.

When to Choose Pink Anti-Static Tubing: Select our Pink Anti-Static Tubing when static control is essential, but Faraday Cage Protection is not required. This tubing provides the protection you need without unnecessary complexity.

Elevate your packaging precision and protection with 2.0 mil pink anti-static poly tubing from Universal Plastic. Our commitment to quality ensures your electronics remain safe, secure, and in optimal condition. Trust in our amine-free formula, customizable length options, and convenient roll sizes for a packaging solution that meets your needs. Choose Universal Plastic and experience the difference that superior protection and flexibility can make for your sensitive electronic components.

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