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Wholesale Anti-Static Flat Bags

Discover the pinnacle of protection for sensitive electronic components with our wholesale anti-static flat bags. These bags are designed to protect against static damage when packaging, storing, and shipping products. They are significant for industries where electrostatic discharge is a concern. The innovative anti-static material contains specialized additives. So it can ensure that your valuable electronic items remain safe and secure. This product is perfect for retailers, manufacturers, and technology enthusiasts.

Products Available:

  • Open-Ended Amber Bag: Ideal for versatile storage and protection of electronic items.
  • Pink Anti-Static Bags: The go-to solution when static control is crucial, offering top-tier protection without Faraday Cage requirements.
  • StratoGrey Static Shielding Flat Bags: For instances when Faraday Cage Protection is needed, ensure an extra shielding layer for your electronic components.


Key Features:

  • Unparalleled Protection: Our wholesale anti-static flat bags provide exceptional protection for sensitive electronic components. The pink anti-static material is designed to eliminate the risk of static damage, ensuring your items are safeguarded throughout their journey.
  • Surface Resistivity: With a surface resistivity of 10^12 ohms/, our bags are engineered to control static effectively, providing peace of mind when packaging, storing, and shipping valuable electronics.
  • Amine-Free Formula: The amine-free composition of our bags makes them a safe choice for sensitive polycarbonate boards. You can trust our bags to protect your components without causing any damage, maintaining the quality of your electronic items.
  • Versatile Closure Options: Choose the convenience that suits your needs – our bags can be heat-sealed for ultimate security or taped shut for quick and easy access.

Elevate your electronic component protection with wholesale anti-static flat bags from Universal Plastic. Experience the confidence that comes with safeguarding your items against static damage during every stage of handling. Choose our amine-free, high-performance bags for unparalleled protection, versatile closure options, and a comprehensive range of products to suit various needs.

Whether in the retail, manufacturing, or tech industry, Universal Plastic is your partner in delivering quality and protection for sensitive electronics.

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