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Open-Ended Amber Bags

Introducing Universal Plastic's Open-Ended Amber Bags, expertly designed to shield your valuable contents from the degrading effects of UV light waves. These specialized bags provide a robust solution for packaging and transporting UV light-sensitive products, ensuring they reach their destination in pristine condition. With the flexibility to be sealed using a heat sealer or securely taped shut, our amber bags offer a versatile and reliable packaging option that safeguards your most essential items.


  • Type: Open-Ended Amber Bag
  • Packaging: Inner packs of 100 bags


Key Features:

  • UV Protection: Our Open-Ended Amber Bags act as a formidable barrier against harmful UV light waves. Preserve the integrity and quality of your UV-sensitive contents, whether it’s medications, sensitive chemicals, or other light-sensitive products. Rest assured that your items are shielded from the potentially damaging effects of UV radiation.
  • Flexible Sealing Options: Our open-ended amber bags make it easy to seal your contents securely. Use a heat sealer for a tamper-evident closure, ensuring your items remain untouched until they reach their destination. Alternatively, a strong tape seal provides a convenient and reliable method for quick closure.
  • Ideal for Various Applications: Our amber bags excel at packaging and transporting a wide range of UV-sensitive products. From medications requiring optimal storage conditions to light-sensitive chemicals, these bags are your trusted partner in maintaining the quality and efficacy of your valuable contents.
  • Convenient Packaging: For your convenience, our Open-Ended Amber Bags are packed in inner packs of 100 bags. This thoughtful packaging ensures easy access and organization and reduces the risk of contamination during storage.



  • Medications: Safeguard the potency and effectiveness of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, especially those sensitive to UV light exposure.
  • Chemicals: Protect light-sensitive chemicals from UV degradation during storage or transportation.
  • Sensitive Products: Ideal for a range of UV-sensitive items, ensuring they maintain their quality throughout the packaging and distribution process.

Experience the ultimate protection for your UV light-sensitive contents with our Open-Ended Amber Bags. These bags offer versatility, reliability, and peace of mind for your packaging needs. Whether dealing with medications, chemicals, or other sensitive products, Universal Plastic’s amber bags provide the security and preservation your contents deserve. Choose the leader in UV protection – choose Universal Plastic.

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