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Pink Anti-Static Bags

Explore the exceptional protection Universal Plastic's Pink Anti-Static Flat Bags provides, designed to safeguard sensitive electronic components. Engineered specifically to prevent static damage, utilizing pink anti-static material with specialized additives. Worry-free packaging, storage, and shipping for your valuable items. With a 1012 ohms/ Surface resistivity and amine-free, you can trust our bags to shield even the most delicate polycarbonate boards.


  • Color: Pink
  • Surface Resistivity: 1012 ohms/
  • Material: Amine-free pink anti static


Key Features:

  • Robust Static Protection: Engineered to eradicate the threat of static damage, Our Pink Anti-Static Flat Bags fortify your product at every stage of its journey. From meticulous packaging to secure storage and rigorous shipping, our bags establish an impenetrable safeguard, shielding sensitive electronic components with unwavering resilience against the perils of static electricity.
  • Versatile Closure Options: Whether you prefer heat sealing for a tamper-evident closure or tape for quick sealing, our Pink Anti-Static Flat Bags accommodate both methods, ensuring your items remain protected while offering the convenience you need.
  • Amine-Free Formula: Rest easy, knowing that our anti-static material is amine-free, preventing potential damage to sensitive polycarbonate boards. This unique formulation ensures compatibility with a wide range of materials, preserving the integrity of your electronics.

Elevate your static control measures with our Pink Anti-Static Flat Bags from Universal Plastic. Our pink antistatic bags designed to provide reliable protection for sensitive electronics. These bags offer peace of mind during packaging, storing, and shipping. Choose the amine-free solution that effectively eliminates static damage hazards while being versatile enough for various applications.

Count on Universal Plastic to deliver the quality and performance you need to protect your valuable electronic components. Choose Pink Anti-Static Flat Bags and experience the difference.

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