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4.0 Mil Pink Anti-Static Bags

Discover the ultimate solution for safeguarding sensitive electronic components with our 4.0 Mil Pink Anti-Static Bags. Specifically designed to provide exceptional protection. We engineered these pink anti-static bags to eliminate the risk of static damage during packaging, storage, and shipping. With a surface resistivity of 10^12 ohms/ and being amine-free, these bags ensure the safety of your valuable components, making them an essential choice for those seeking top-tier static control without the need for Faraday Cage Protection.

  • Material: Pink Anti-Static.
  • Thickness: 4.0 Mil (Mils).
SKU SIZE Case Qty Weight Buy 1 Buy 6 Buy 11 Select Qty
FAS402032" X 3"5,000 8 lbs$57.21$54.35$51.49
FAS403043" X 4"2,000 7 lbs$65.95$62.65$59.35
FAS403053" X 5"2,000 9 lbs$71.62$68.04$64.46
FAS404054" X 5"2,000 11 lbs$109.17$103.72$98.26
FAS404064" X 6"2,000 13 lbs$80.80$76.76$72.72
FAS404084" X 8"1,000 9 lbs$54.08$51.38$48.67
FAS405075" X 7"1,000 10 lbs$58.70$55.76$52.83
FAS405085" X 8"1,000 11 lbs$64.04$60.84$57.64
FAS406086" X 8"1,000 13 lbs$69.57$66.09$62.61
FAS406106" X 10"1,000 16 lbs$77.14$73.28$69.43
FAS406126" X 12"1,000 20 lbs$98.93$93.98$89.04
FAS408108" X 10"1,000 22 lbs$99.71$94.73$89.74
FAS408128" X 12"1,000 26 lbs$127.60$121.22$114.84
FAS409129" X 12"1,000 29 lbs$134.64$127.90$121.17
FAS4101210" X 12"1,000 32 lbs$155.20$147.44$139.68
FAS4101610" X 16"1,000 43 lbs$195.59$185.81$176.03
FAS4121512" X 15"500 24 lbs$101.86$96.76$91.67
FAS4121812" X 18"500 29 lbs$122.24$116.13$110.02
FAS4151815" X 18"500 37 lbs$182.33$173.21$164.10
FAS4161816" X 18"500 39 lbs$157.22$149.36$141.50
FAS4162416" X 24"250 26 lbs$140.41$133.39$126.37
FAS4182418" X 24"250 29 lbs$113.52$107.85$102.17
FAS4243624" X 36"200 47 lbs$181.53$172.46$163.38

Key Features:

  • Superior Static Protection: Our Pink Anti-Static flat bags offer unrivaled protection for sensitive electronic components. The specially formulated pink anti-static material contains additives that effectively eliminate the hazards of static damage, ensuring your items remain safe during every stage of handling.
  • Versatile Usage: These bags are amine-free, making them ideal for sensitive polycarbonate boards, eliminating the risk of damage that can occur with other materials. Whether packaging, storing, or shipping sensitive electronics, our 4.0 Mil Pink Anti-Static Bags are your trusted solution.
  • Secure Sealing Options: Seal your components with confidence. For a tamper-proof closure, our pink anti-static bags can be easily heat-sealed. Ensuring the integrity of your items. Alternatively, a strong tape seal provides a convenient and reliable method for quick closure.


  • Sensitive Electronic Components: Protect your valuable electronic parts, boards, and components from the hazards of static damage during packaging, storage, and shipping.

Product Details:

  • Advanced Static Control: With a surface resistivity of 10^12 ohms/, our bags eliminate static damage risk.
  • Amine-Free: Safe for sensitive polycarbonate boards, ensuring the long-term integrity of your electronic components.

Elevate the protection of your sensitive electronic components with our 4.0 Mil Pink Anti-Static Bags. These bags, designed to eliminate static damage risk, are your trusted partner in packaging, storing, and shipping sensitive electronics.

Choose Universal Plastic’s advanced anti-static solution for peace of mind and unmatched protection. Our Pink Anti-Static Bags are ideal when static control is crucial, but Faraday Cage Protection is not required. Experience the difference in safety and quality with Universal Plastic.

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