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0.8 Mil Plastic Newspaper Bags

Discover Universal Plastic's premium collection of Flip-Loc™ 0.8 Mil Plastic Newspaper Bags. The ultimate solution for ensuring fresh news arrives in a fresh paper daily. Our innovative Flip-Loc™ closure features a lip and flip design, allowing quick and secure closure. This saves labor and material costs and ensures customer satisfaction by delivering dry and clean newspapers.

Key Features:
  • Flip-Loc™ Closure for Superior Protection: Universal's Flip-Loc™ Plastic Newspaper Bags boast an exclusive closure system that guarantees dry and intact newspapers without double bagging.
  • Door Knob Hole for Easy Handling: All bags are equipped with a 1.75" door knob hole, making it effortless for your customers to access their newspapers.
  • Sparkling Clarity: Crafted from clear polypropylene, our Flip-Loc™ Plastic Newspaper Bags enhance the visibility of your materials, making them stand out and capture your recipients' attention.
  • Convenient Header Pack: Packaged on headers of 100 bags, our Flip-Loc™ Plastic News paper Bags offer easy dispensing, saving time and effort during newspaper deliveries.

Trust Universal Plastic's Flip-Loc™ 0.8 Mil Plastic Newspaper Bags to keep your newspapers dry, clean, and protected during deliveries. Secure your order today and experience the convenience and reliability of our premium bags for your newspaper delivery needs.

We have 3 popular sizes of plastic newspaper bags available with us other than 0.80 mil plastic newspaper bags, such as 0.45 Mil plastic newspaper bags, 0.65 Mil plastic newspaper bags, 1 Mil plastic newspaper bags.
SKU SIZE Case Qty Weight Buy 1 Buy 6 Buy 11 Select Qty
D145FT8 1/2" X 14 1/2" + 4 FB2,000 16 lbs$47.63$45.25$42.87

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