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1.5 Mil Bags on Roll (DME)

Universal Plastic's comprehensive collection of 1.5 Mil Bags on Roll (DME) protects and maintains the cleanliness of your valuable Durable Medical Equipment (DME). Our premium bags packed on convenient rolls for easy handling and usage. Universal Plastic has the perfect cover if you need to safeguard bed frames, bed rails, or any other DME equipment. Experience the reliability and convenience of our top-quality bags as you ensure your equipment is always ready for use.

Key Features:
  • Efficient Protection for DME Equipment: Our 1.5 Mil Bags on Roll are your dependable solution for safeguarding DME equipment. These covers offer efficient protection, protecting your equipment from dust, contaminants, and environmental factors that could compromise performance.
  • Versatile Range of Sizes: At Universal Plastic, we understand that DME equipment comes in various sizes. Our collection includes multiple sizes, ensuring you find the right cover for your DME equipment needs.
  • Convenient Roll Packaging: Packed on rolls for easy dispensing, our 1.5 Mil Bags provide hassle-free usage and organization. Our thoughtfully designed packaging enhances your workflow, allowing for quick and effortless application to your equipment.

Trust Universal Plastic to deliver durable protection for your DME equipment with our premium Bags on Roll. Maintain the cleanliness and readiness of your valuable equipment, ensuring smooth operations and enhanced performance. Upgrade your equipment protection with Universal Plastic's top-quality covers. Order now and experience the convenience and reliability of our premium solutions.
SKU SIZE Case Qty Weight Buy 1 Buy 6 Buy 11 Select Qty
BORR16145416" X 14" X 54"150 25 lbs$82.32$78.21$74.09
BOR243024" X 30"500 37 lbs$139.75$132.76$125.78
BOR25153025" X 15" X 30"250 30 lbs$120.62$114.59$108.56
BOR251530R25" X 15" X 30"350 42 lbs$188.68$179.24$169.81
BOR263626" X 36"250 24 lbs$88.51$84.08$79.66
BOR2636B26" X 36"150 15 lbs$67.01$63.66$60.31
BOR28223528" X 22" X 35"150 27 lbs$102.59$97.46$92.33
BOR282235B28" X 22" X 35"150 27 lbs$108.38$102.96$97.54
BOR302035T30" X 20" X 35"150 27 lbs$116.78$110.94$105.10
BORR30203530" X 20" X 35"200 35 lbs$129.60$123.12$116.64
BOR304230" X 42"250 32 lbs$125.02$118.77$112.52
BOR46366546" X 36" X 65"55 30 lbs$113.63$107.95$102.27
BOR463665B46" X 36" X 65"55 30 lbs$130.09$123.58$117.08
BOR48144148" X 14" X 41"120 31 lbs$116.32$110.50$104.68
BOR481441B48" X 14" X 41"120 31 lbs$126.59$120.26$113.93

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