Packaging plays an important role in brand representation and customer satisfaction in the fashion and apparel industry. Custom-printed plastic bags help enhance the value of purchases and build brand perceptions. Universal Plastic offers one of the largest collections of customized plastic bags for your promotional needs. Our plastic bags will not only help elevate your brand aesthetics but also align with your promotional needs. Browse our selection to see the custom-printed plastic bags for the fashion business.

Fashion & Apparel Industry - Universal Plastic

Types of Bags Offered at Universal Plastic

The following are a few popular types of bags offered by us to our clients in the fashion and apparel industry.

  • Retail Bags: These bags offer a convenient and protective way to transport clothing, accessories, and other fashion items. We have a wide selection of retail bags that go beyond just carrying clothes, as they will easily help promote your brand’s identity as well. They are durable, versatile, and are available in various designs to match your trademark visual. No matter if you opt for a luxurious matte finish or a vibrant glossy look, we ensure that our retail bags will leave an everlasting imprint in customer’s minds and hearts and they will leave the store with a unique piece of your brand in their hands.
  • T-shirt Bags: T-shirt bags are used for carrying purchased items. They are designed to be resilient enough to hold multiple items while being comfortable to carry. If you want customization, we can add logos, designs, and promotional messages that will give a professional touch to the packaging and help you extend your brand’s reach beyond the store. This becomes an important source to turn your customers into walking advertisements on the go.
  • Custom Printed Plastic Bags: Customized printed bags serve as a great marketing tool in the fashion industry. If you want to showcase your brand’s identity, personalization is the key. We can customize most bags with colors, patterns, and logos to showcase your brand’s uniqueness. You may pick the best, from intricate designs to bold statements. We ensure that we design bags that align perfectly with your brand’s message and create a lasting impact on your customers. This way, you can promote your brand, and differentiate your products from your competitors.
  • Trade Show Bags: These bags are used effectively in trade shows, exhibitions, and other promotional events. Are you all set to shine in the fashion industry with increased brand recognition and great customer engagement? Explore our unique range of trade show bags that give you an excellent opportunity to leave a positive impression on attendees and potential clients at events. With ample space for promotional material and a design that exudes professionalism, our bags will enhance your brand’s visibility and enable you to nurture potential clients.
  • Ziplock-Reclosable Bags: These bags combine functionality and style. Our ziplock Reclosable bags are ideal for storing accessories and keeping your items secure and protected while allowing your customers to access their purchases easily. You can use them for storing various stuff like jewelry, hairpins, belts, etc. They also find great use in organizing outfits, accessories, and styling details backstage during fashion shows or photo shoots.
  • Vacuum Seal Bags: Custom-printed vacuum seal bags from Universal Plastic can be a game-changer for your fashion and retail business. These bags help optimize the storage space and protect garments from dust, moisture, and insects. This way, you can ensure that your customers’ clothing and accessory remains in pristine condition for the desired time.
  • Shopping Bags: Your clients can swap away obsolete shopping routines for a luxurious experience with our sophisticated shopping bags. Keeping even the minute details in mind, they have been crafted to transform everyday activities into moments of indulgence, leaving a lasting impression on your customers.

Why Collaborating With Universal Plastic Can Benefit You?
We understand the packaging requirements of the fashion and retail industry.  We have worked closely with our clients to understand their packaging and customization requirements all these years. This gives us an advantage to serve our clients. We are well equipped with the knowledge, expertise, resources, and technology needed to meet the changing trends and requirements of our clients in the fashion industry. Here are a few factors that make us popular with our clients in the fashion and apparel industry.

  • We work closely with clients to design polyethylene bags that meet their purpose. Although many competitors provide standard-sized bags, we specialize in customized bags.
  • Be it standard or specially made bags, they can be customized with your logo and other brand information to give your campaign a personalized touch. Our experts will help you create brand uniformity throughout.
  • It doesn’t matter whether you require these plastic bags for your regular promotions or special tradeshow promotions, we can assure quick turnaround for both scenarios.
  • We assure you the best prices on bulk purchases of standard and custom-printed bags.

At Universal Plastic, we understand the intricate connection between fashion, packaging, and branding. All our bags are designed keeping your branding requirements and customer experience in mind. Feel free to contact us today to identify opportunities for working together.