Specific types of FDA-approved plastic bags are a crucial part of the food industry. They are used to store as well as transport food under different temperatures. Some of them allow users to heat food directly in a microwave, while other types may be used for deep freezing. At Universal Plastics, we understand the significance of using good-quality packaging materials especially for food packing as it directly impacts our health. This is why we offer various types of FDA-approved and premium quality plastic bags for use in the food industry. Aside from various types of standard bags, we offer custom options to meet the exact requirements of our clients.
Industry Served – Food

Types of Plastic Bags We Offer for the Food Industry

Our plastic bags for the food industry are designed to resist moisture, heat, cold, dust, and microwave radiation, and many other factors. These bags protect the food contents inside from all these parameters, which helps preserve and extend the shelf life. More so, any direct exposure to air and subsequent oxidation is prevented by this packaging. They are made from premium materials and crafted to be safe, non-toxic, and durable. We provide these bags in various lengths and sizes as well as custom options. Here are some types of plastic bags we offer that cater to the requirements in the food industry.

  • Custom printed Ziplock Resealable Bags: These are reclosable bags commonly used to store vegetables, nuts, pulses, and a lot of other food items. These bags can be custom printed if you own a food business and want to print your logo and required information. In this segment, we offer clear line seal top reclosable bags which are used as freezer bags. Also, we offer single and double track seal bags as well as standup pouches we often find on retail shelves. The zipper seal of these bags is easy to open and close, and can be used multiple times. These bags meet the FDA requirements for contact with food products and have a thickness of 2.7 mil.
  • Pallet Covers: Businesses require thick and reliable packaging during transportation and shipping. They are also required in warehouses to store packaged products lined up to be shipped. We offer pallet covers that serve all these purposes and protect the packed food items from moisture, dirt, contamination, and so on.
  • Heat Resistant Plastic Bags: Heat resistance is a crucial requirement in food packaging materials. We provide deli bags that are made from PET and can withstand high temperatures. These are widely used to wrap sandwiches, burgers, and related food items. Additionally, many food truck and restaurant owners use our other heat resistant plastic bags to parcel popular food items.
  • Plastic Shopping Bags: These are regular handle bags, t-shirt bags, take out bags, and so on which are offered by retailers to carry your purchased items. You can get these custom printed based on your business needs. In this segment, we also offer specially designed wine bags. Known as wine to-go bags, these are made from strong 2.5 mils thick LDPE, and are given by restaurant or bar owners to carry the left over wine bottles.
  • Vacuum Seal Plastic Bags and Pouches: Vacuum sealing is widely used for preserving perishable food items, as they do not come in contact with air at all. These bags have a strong impact resistance and can be custom printed if required. Also, we comply with the FDA and USDA safety regulations when making these bags. In this segment, we offer boiler bags, freezer bags, pan liners, co-extruded vacuum pouches, and laminated vacuum seal pouches.
  • Customized Bags: We offer a high level of customization in terms of length, size, shape, color, thickness, and more. This helps meet specific requirements of our clients. In addition to offering tailored solutions for your food packaging needs, these bags can also serve as an effective marketing and branding tool, especially if you print your logo and content on them.

Why Choose Universal Plastics for Packaging Needs in the Food Industry?

If you require packaging solutions for your food or retail business, you can totally rely on Universal Plastics to deliver premium quality plastic bags that meet your requirements. As a trusted and experienced manufacturer of custom plastic bags, we offer a wide range of packaging solutions tailored specifically to the food and beverage industry. Here are some reasons to partner with us for your food packaging requirements:

  • Quality: Since we are focused on quality, we ensure to comply with FDA standards for food packaging.
  • Customization: We understand that every business has unique packaging needs, which is why we offer customized plastic bags to suit specific requirements. The customization we offer is at all levels ranging from color, materials, transparency, shape, size, printing options, and more.
  • Expertise: With several years of experience in food and various other segments, we have gathered knowledge and built expertise after working with clients from diverse industries. Hence, we assure that our team can recommend you the right packaging solutions.
  • Customer service: We have an excellent customer service team that can help Whatever are your queries and concerns, we are right here to help. Our dedicated customer service team is always available to guide and support you through association with us.
  • Fair pricing: We have fair pricing policy and hence we assure competitive prices on bulk orders of our plastic bags.

At Universal Plastics, we are committed to offer the highest quality of FDA-approved plastic bags that are suitable for use in the food industry. This includes our expertise in customization, quality-centric approach, meeting deadlines for deliveries, and more. If you need to share your requirements for plastic bags in the food industry or require further information in this segment, feel free to contact us via phone or email.