Reliable packaging solutions are important in the fast-paced world of pharmaceuticals, which involves delivering medical supplies to hospitals, healthcare units, and end-use patients. Unlike regular plastic bags, these are specially designed medication transfer bags designed as per FDA guidelines. At Universal Plastics, we offer a variety of premium-quality plastic pharmacy bags to carry samples, medicines, surgical supplies, rehabilitation equipment, and more. These pharmacy bags are also called transfer bags to transfer medicines and related supplies from the pharmacy to a particular hospital room in case both are integrated. These bags are also used to store medicines or supplies in a refrigerator or storage units.

Pharmaceuticals - Universal Plastic

We are committed to offering our clients contamination free, sterile bags and meet the most challenging packaging demands of the pharmaceutical industry. We also offer custom options to our clients from this industry to cater to the types of medicines and bottles by offering bags in specified sizes, lengths, and more. These bags can be availed with a range of features, such as resealable closures, evident seals, and moisture resistance. All these features offer unmatched protection to your pharmaceutical products. They help minimize the risk of spills and ensure streamlined handling, thereby enhancing operational efficiency.

Types of Plastic Bags We Offer for the Pharmaceuticals Industry

At Universal Plastic, we provide a comprehensive range of pharmacy bags to meet your packaging needs. Our bags are designed to excel in their unique application. Here, you can discover our selection of bags perfect for hospitals, pharmacies, and medical facilities seeking reliable packaging solutions for their carry samples, surgical supplies, medicines, rehabilitation equipment, and so on.

  • T-Shirt Bags: Most people carry these regular carry bags for daily shopping. Pharmacists use these bags to put their already packaged medicines. This increases customer convenience. Most of these bags can withstand light to medium load depending on their size and thickness.
  • Prescription Bags: Our selection features white pharmacy bags, which are made from high-density polyethylene and are opaque. These bags are offered with easy-to-use latex free-adhesive closure, and possess exceptional strength. Opaque white material of this bag helps protect the privacy of the customer.
  • Medication Disposable Bags: As the name suggests, these bags are used to dispose used, unused, or expired medicines and dressing every day. These bags help reduce the risk of contamination in hospitals and dispensaries.
  • Resealable Medication Pouches: These pouches are used for single-dose medicines and are user friendly. They can be opened and resealed, and help maintain the freshness of medicines.
  • Ziplock Reclosable Bags: These bags are used are storing and organizing small medication items safely in pharmacies.
  • PRN Bags: These bags are used in hospital pharmacies to transfer pain medication to their in-patients. The PRN stands for Take as Needed. We provide these bags in blue or orange prints.
  • Tamper-Evident Bags: These bags feature built-in security features and provide an additional layer of protection against unauthorized access of medicines stored in them.
  • Customized Printed Bags: Whether you are a pharmacist attached to a hospital or an independent brand, you can explore custom options with us in terms of materials, thickness, size, shape, color, and printing logo and related content. Printing logos and messaging in appropriate colors onto the bags, helps reinforce brand identity and enhance patient communication.

Why Choose Universal Plastics for Your Packaging Needs in the Pharmaceutical Industry?

At Universal Plastics, we are committed to deliver quality pharmaceutical bags.  Hence, perform inspection, material selection, and related aspects to build and deliver premium quality plastic bags for the pharmaceutical sector. We offer a wide level of custom options for all types of medical bags and more. Here are some reasons why partnering with Universal Plastics may be the right decision to meet your plastic bags packaging needs:

  • Customization: While we are aware of all the general requirements of plastic bags in the pharmaceutical sector, every pharmacy may have specific and unique packaging needs. This is why we offer efficient and effective custom options tailored to your specific requirements. The customization options for any type of plastic bags range from color selection, size, and shape to various printing options such as company logos, statutory and brand-related content, and product information.
  • Quality: We never compromise on quality even when we deliver bulk orders. Our LDPE materials are robust and yet offer the required flexibility. We have invested in advanced technology to manufacture these bags and have stringent testing procedures in place.
  • Experience and Expertise: With several years of experience in this industry, we got an opportunity to work for many pharmacists with varied requirements. This is where we applied our knowledge and experience to build expertise.
  • Customer service: Our customer service team is extremely resourceful and can answer all the related questions you may have about these medical bags or custom options. We provide you with guidance and support throughout your association with us.
  • Pricing: We have a fair pricing policy and offer the best deals on bulk orders of any type of plastic bag you choose.


If you are a pharmacist and require any type of packaging plastic bags, we are absolutely reliable partners in terms of offering quality custom bags and producing bulk volumes as required. At Universal Plastics, we are committed to offer all the types of plastic bags required in the pharmaceutical sector with custom options. We have an excellent team that gathers your requirements at length before making medical bags, especially with custom options. Feel free to contact us for more information about the bags we offer for the pharmaceutical industry.