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2.0 Mil PRN Bag

Standard PRN message bags to easily identify medication prescribed on an as needed basis. Used in hospital pharmacies to transfer medication (usually pain medication) to the patient in the clinic. PRN means "take as needed.” Inner packed in 100s. PRN bags are available with blue or orange print.Convenient seal top closurePrinted Orange or Blue ”PRN Return Empty Bag to Pharmacy”Inner packed in 100sOrange PRN bags available in four sizesBlue PRN bags available in eight sizes
SKU SIZE Case Qty Weight Buy 1 Buy 6 Buy 11 Select Qty
F20203OPRN2" X 3"1,000 2 lbs$3.12$2.96$2.81
F20203STPRN2" X 3"1,000 2 lbs$3.23$3.07$2.90
F20304STPRN3" X 4"1,000 2 lbs$8.15$7.75$7.34
F20305OPRN3" X 5"1,000 3 lbs$12.60$11.97$11.34
F20305STPRN3" X 5"1,000 3 lbs$11.45$10.88$10.30
F20406OPRN4" X 6"1,000 5 lbs$17.69$16.80$15.92
F20406STPRN4" X 6"1,000 4 lbs$11.04$10.49$9.94
F20508STPRN5" X 8"1,000 7 lbs$14.05$13.35$12.65
F20608STPRN6" X 8"1,000 8 lbs$15.03$14.27$13.52
F20609OPRN6" X 9"1,000 10 lbs$28.17$26.77$25.36
F20609STPRN6" X 9"1,000 8 lbs$19.49$18.52$17.54

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