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Plastic Equipment Tags

Introducing Universal Plastic's Engraved Plastic Equipment Tags. Your ultimate solution for meeting accreditation agency requirements and organizing equipment with ease. Crafted from durable cardstock and equipped with 12" long wire ties for simple attachment. These tags keep your facility well-organized and efficient. With three color-coded labels, identifying equipment status is easy. Improving compliance and efficiency for your business.

Key Features:
  • Durable Cardstock Construction: Our Engraved Plastic Equipment Tags last longer and withstand daily use. Ensuring reliable performance in your facility requires favorable environmental conditions.
  • Color-Coded for Easy Identification: The multipack includes three color-coded tags, making it easy to designate equipment status. The green "Clean" tag means ready-to-use equipment. The red "Dirty" tag shows equipment needing cleaning. The "Repair" tag in lemon color signals equipment is under maintenance.
  • Convenient Multipack with Wire Ties: Each multipack offers various tags for different equipment categories. Plus, the 12" long wire ties ensure simple and secure attachment to virtually any equipment in your facility.

Stay compliant, simplify equipment status, and streamline your operations with our Engraved Plastic Equipment Tags. Take the first step towards efficient equipment management - order now and experience top-quality tags from Universal Plastic.
SKU SIZE Case Qty Weight Buy 1 Buy 6 Buy 11 Select Qty
TMUL2 5/16" X 4 3/4"750 5 lbs$91.94$87.34$82.74
TCEG2 5/16" X 4 3/4"500 3 lbs$81.93$77.83$73.74
TDER2 5/16" X 4 3/4"500 3 lbs$81.93$77.83$73.74
TREL2 5/16" X 4 3/4"500 3 lbs$66.76$63.42$60.08

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