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Plastic Tie

Standard plastic covered twist tie closures for open ended plastic bags. Three colors available: Red, White and Blue.Convenient closure for open-ended bagsAvailable in red, white or blueAvailable in five lengths
SKU SIZE Case Qty Weight Buy 1 Buy 6 Buy 11 Select Qty
M4PLB4"10,000 10 lbs$84.81$80.57$76.33
M4PLR4"10,000 10 lbs$84.81$80.57$76.33
M4PLW4"10,000 10 lbs$84.81$80.57$76.33
M5PLB5"10,000 10 lbs$101.75$96.66$91.57
M5PLR5"10,000 10 lbs$101.75$96.66$91.57
M5PLW5"10,000 10 lbs$101.75$96.66$91.57
M6PLB6"10,000 10 lbs$115.83$110.04$104.25
M6PLR6"10,000 10 lbs$115.83$110.04$104.25
M6PLW6"10,000 10 lbs$115.83$110.04$104.25
M8PLB8"10,000 10 lbs$155.30$147.54$139.77
M8PLR8"10,000 10 lbs$155.30$147.54$139.77
M8PLW8"10,000 10 lbs$155.30$147.54$139.77

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