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Plastic Bakery Bags

Universal's printed high-density Plastic bakery bags are used in bakeries, delis, supermarkets, convenience stores, donut shops, and anywhere else, breads and pastries are sold to end users. The high-density material provides a slippery surface inside the bag that makes them easy to quickly fill with bread, donuts, muffins, and pastries.

The bags are offered standard with a bold and stylish "Bakery" graphic and are attached to a header pack for convenient placement and easy dispensing.
  • Packaged 200 bags per header.
  • High-slip interior surface for quick and easy loading.
  • Bold artwork and print.
  • Header pack for easy placement and dispensing Bags are partially transparent, making it easier for cashiers to see the contents.
  • Complies with FDA regulations for food contact

Keep Your Baked Goods Fresh and Delicious with Our Plastic Bakery Bags. Designed for convenience and quality, our bakery bags are the perfect packaging solution for your delicious treats. Made from high-quality materials, these bags ensure freshness and protect your baked goods during storage and transportation.


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