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Leak Proof Plastic Bags

Leak Proof Plastic Bags are manufactured with a special EVA additive and extra seal strength to prevent leakage. When shipping and transporting live tropical, fresh, or saltwater fish and coral, you need a reliable solution that ensures zero leakage. That's where Universal Leak-proof Bags come in. Our specially manufactured bags incorporate a unique EVA additive and enhanced seal strength, making them the ultimate choice for leak prevention.

Designed with waterproof seals you can trust, our leak-proof bags guarantee the safety and security of your cargo. Whether dealing with fresh or saltwater aquariums, these bags provide unrivaled protection. Say goodbye to the worries of leakage during transit.
Not just for aquatic life, Universal Plastics Leak Proof Plastic Bags also offer an excellent alternative to LDPE bags in various applications. They excel at containing liquids and perform exceptionally well in low-temperature environments.

Trust Universal Plastic for leak-proof solutions that deliver uncompromising quality and reliability. Your valuable cargo deserves nothing less.
  • Special EVA additive to prevent leakage.
  • Extra seal strength.
  • Increased puncture resistance.
  • Freezer-safe.


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