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1.2 Mil Printed Plastic Ice Bags

Universal Plastic's Printed Metallocene 1.2 Mil Plastic Ice Bags are designed for ice bag and cold storage applications. These bags are crafted using a specialized production process and offer unparalleled performance and reliability. 

Our Printed Metallocene 1.2 Mil Plastic Ice Bags are manufactured using advanced metallocene resin technology, ensuring exceptional strength, puncture resistance, and durability. These bags are specifically engineered to withstand the extreme conditions associated with ice storage, such as freezing temperatures and heavy loads.

  • These bags have high impact strength, low haze/high gloss and clarity, and excellent durability.
  • Printed Metallocene Ice Bags, available in various standard sizes to meet your ice bag needs.
  • 8 lb. capacity ice bag Metallocene Ice Bags are ideal for Ice bags and cold storage applications.
  • Excellent impact strength and durability for Ice Bags.
  • Compliant with FDA Standards for Food Contact Safety.

Trust Universal Plastic to deliver exceptional quality for all your ice bag and cold storage needs.
SKU SIZE Case Qty Weight Buy 1 Buy 6 Buy 11 Select Qty
H11PMET8" X 3" X 20"1,000 18 lbs$86.51$82.18$77.86
H12PMET9" X 3" X 21"1,000 21 lbs$103.15$98.00$92.84
H18MET9" X 18"1,000 13 lbs$57.21$54.35$51.49
H18PMET9" X 18"1,000 13 lbs$68.47$65.05$61.62
H18PDS11 1/2" X 18"500 18 lbs$72.67$69.04$65.40
H20MET11" X 20"1,000 18 lbs$76.42$72.60$68.78
H21MET12" X 21"1,000 22 lbs$90.14$85.63$81.13
H21PMET12" X 21"1,000 22 lbs$103.15$98.00$92.84

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