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1.25 Mil Wicketed Ice Bags

Maximize your savings on ice for resale with our 1.25 mil Wicketed Plastic Ice Bags with Headers. Designed explicitly for Ice Bagging Machines, these bags empower convenience stores, grocers, caterers, and more businesses to reduce ice procurement expenses. By effortlessly bagging their ice for resale, they can bypass the need for expensive pre-bagged ice, ultimately saving valuable resources and cutting costs.

At Universal Plastic, we understand the importance of reliable ice packaging solutions for your business. Our 1.25 Mil Wicketed plastic Ice Bags are engineered to meet the highest quality, functionality, and durability standards. Trust us to provide the ideal packaging solution to keep your ice fresh and your customers satisfied.
  • 1.25 Mil plastic ice bags: Designed for easy dispensing from large and small Ice Bagging Machines.
  • Invented for usage with Ice Bagging Machines: SMICEMACH (small) and LGICEMACH (large).
  • Printed "Ice" with a cool Igloo graphic.
  • LDPE material with metallocene additive can withstand cold and heavy ice.
  • Packed on convenient injection-molded plastic headers to fit on Ice Bagging Machines.
  • Twist ties are included to seal bags.
  • Packaged 250 bags per header.
SKU SIZE Case Qty Weight Buy 1 Buy 6 Buy 11 Select Qty
H19PWMET11" X 19" + 4 BG + 1 1/2 LP1,000 20 lbs$94.08$89.38$84.67
H21PWMET12" X 19" + 4 BG + 1 1/2 LP1,000 22 lbs$109.77$104.28$98.79

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