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1.5 Mil Plastic Meat Bags

Introducing our 1.5 Mil Plastic Meat Bags, specially designed for butchers and other professionals in the retail environment. These low-density gusset bags are a must-have for the safe packaging and handling of various meats. 

Choose our 1.5 Mil Plastic Meat Bags for their safety, reliability, and convenience. Keep your customers informed and your products adequately packaged with these high-quality bags.
  • Printed with safe handling guidelines for various meats and poultry
  • Meet FDA Requirements for use in food applications
  • Made from seamless tubing and are bottom sealed for extra strength, with no slits or side seals.
SKU SIZE Case Qty Weight Buy 1 Buy 6 Buy 11 Select Qty
SFH-0630156" X 3" X 15"1,000 14 lbs$53.07$50.42$47.76
SFH-0840188" X 4" X 18"1,000 22 lbs$90.46$85.94$81.42
SFH09159" X 15" + 2 LP1,000 15 lbs$62.90$59.75$56.61
SFH121812" X 18" + 2 LP1,000 23 lbs$88.97$84.52$80.07

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