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0.8 Mil Vented Lettuce Bags

Universal Plastic's low-density 0.8 Mil vented lettuce bags. These bags are designed for supermarkets and produce stores to help preserve the freshness of lettuce. These bags are designed with ventilation, allowing air to circulate and extending the freshness of the lettuce. 

These bags are made of durable, flexible, low-density polyethylene and oversized side gussets to provide more space. They are also unprinted, making them suitable for storing various types of produce.

  • Strong and flexible low-density material
  • Ideal for holding head lettuce
  • Wide side gussets for increased capacity
  • Vent holes promote air circulation, preserving freshness
  • Meets FDA and USDA requirements for food contact
SKU SIZE Case Qty Weight Buy 1 Buy 6 Buy 11 Select Qty
VTD705117" X 5" X 11"1,000 8 lbs$30.17$28.66$27.16
VTD0830208" X 3" X 20"1,000 12 lbs$46.51$44.18$41.86

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