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Bulk Deli Meat Slide Seal Bags

Universal Plastic's Wholesale Blue Tint Slide Seal Deli Meat Bags – the perfect solution for storing deli meats in bulk. These Deli meat bags are designed to replace traditional shrink wrapping. These bags save on packaging and reduce your employees' time wrapping meats.

Crafted from strong low-density polyethylene, these bags are built to endure and withstand sub-zero temperatures, making them ideal for long-term storage in your freezer. The convenience of the slide seal ensures easy access to the contents, even with gloved hands, while maintaining a tight and secure closure. These bags are tinted blue, have a white write-on block for easy content identification, and have an outer pouch to store scale labels.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Saves packaging and time spent wrapping meats.
  • Write on the block to identify the contents.
  • Large bottom gusset for additional storage space.
  • Made of strong and thick low-density polyethylene.
  • The slide seal is easy to use, even with gloved hands.
  • Outer pouch for scale labels.
  • Dark blue tint protects deli meats from spoiling from lighting.
  • Freezer safe.


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