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1.25 Mil Ziplock-Reclosable Deli Bags

Universal Plastic's premium Printed 1.25 Mil Ziplock-Reclosable Deli Bags the perfect choice for ensuring your customers' delicacies stay fresh and secure. With an innovative ziplock-reclosable feature, these deli bags offer unparalleled convenience for customers and deli operators. Our printed Ziplock-Reclosable deli bags are available with the professional touch of "Fresh to Go" printed in one color, elevating your deli's packaging standards. Experience excellence in deli packaging with Universal's 1.25 Mil Ziplock-Reclosable Deli Bags.

Key Features:
  • Enhanced Thickness: With an impressive 1.25 Mil thickness, these deli bags provide added durability, ensuring superior tear resistance and protection for your customer's purchases.
  • Ziplock-Reclosable Convenience: The easy-to-use ziplock-reclosable feature allows for effortless sealing and resealing, ensuring the preservation of food freshness and flavors.
  • Professional "Fresh to Go" Print: Our deli bags come with "Fresh to Go" professionally printed in one color (1C/1S), enhancing your deli's branding and showcasing your commitment to delivering the freshest delicacies.
  • Bulk Packaging for Efficiency: Each bundle contains 100 bags, streamlining your deli operations and ensuring seamless service during busy hours.

Experience the convenience and quality of Universal Plastic's 1.25 Mil Ziplock-Reclosable Deli Bags. Elevate your customer experience with these premium-quality bags that keep food fresh and secure. The "Fresh to Go" print adds a professional touch to your packaging, leaving a lasting impression on your valued customers.
SKU SIZE Case Qty Weight Buy 1 Buy 6 Buy 11 Select Qty
DP975810" X 8"1,000 12 lbs$33.83$32.14$30.45

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