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Saddle Pack - Portion Control Bags

Universal Plastic's Saddle Pack - Portion Control Bags is the perfect solution for managing food portions in restaurants, commercial kitchens, and institutional food preparation settings. These bags offer an economical and user-friendly system. With the bundled saddle pack dispenser, loading the bags becomes quick and effortless. 

The Lip and Flip closure ensures optimal freshness of the contents. The printed color-coded days of the week assist in easy dating and identification of the contents. Made from HDPE material, these bags are ideal for short-term food storage. 
  • Economical and user-friendly system for portion control.
  • Bundled with a saddle pack dispenser for fast and easy loading.
  • Lip and Flip closure for freshness and convenience.
  • Printed color-coded days of the week for easy dating and identification.
  • Made from HDPE material for short-term food storage.
  • Packaged in bundles of 100 on Saddle Pack Stand.


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