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Plastic Seafood Bags

Universal Plastic's premium collection of printed plastic Seafood Bags is designed to add that extra touch of excellence to your food business. Whether you own a grocery store, seafood market, restaurant, or deli, our seafood take out bags are the perfect choice to ensure the safe and convenient packaging of delectable seafood delights. These seafood bags are designed to prevent leaks and ruptures, giving your customers confidence that their seafood is in good hands.

Key Features:
  • Resilient Low-Density Material: Our Seafood Bags are made from low-density polyethylene, offering exceptional strength and leak protection. Rest assured that your customers' seafood orders will stay secure and leak-free.
  • Bold and Attractive Design: Printed with "The Sea's Very Best" in two striking colors and featuring a bold seafood graphic on one side, these bags make a strong visual statement. The attractive print enhances your brand's image and showcases your commitment to quality seafood.
  • Convenient Dispensing: Our plastic seafood bags are packed on convenient header packs, allowing easy and efficient dispensing. Speed up your packaging process and ensure a smooth workflow with these user-friendly bags.

Upgrade your food packaging with Universal Plastic's Seafood Take-Out Bags. Let our premium bags convey the message of freshness and quality to your customers. With their reliable leak protection and attractive design, these bags are ideal for enhancing your food business's reputation and customer satisfaction. Experience the difference that our Seafood Bags can make for your business success!


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