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1.2 Mil Seal Top Zipper Sandwich Bags

Universal plastic's premium 1.2 mil seal top zipper sandwich bag epitomizes outstanding protection, convenience, and cost-effectiveness in the food industry. These bags have a secure zipper-type seal that sandwich can be easily opened and closed multiple times without hassle. Perfectly sized for standard sandwiches, our seal top sandwich bags boast a 1.2 mil thickness, ideal for short-term, lightweight, or refrigerated food storage. These seal-top sandwich bags, made exclusively from virgin resin, adhere to strict FDA requirements for contact with food products, ensuring your customers' safety and peace of mind.

Key Features:
  • Secure and Reusable Seal: The zipper-type seal on our 1.2 Mil Seal Top Sandwich Bags offers unmatched security, safeguarding food items from spills and contamination. Customers can conveniently open and reseal the bags, maintaining the freshness of their sandwiches.
  • Versatile Food Storage: Our plastic sandwich bags are invented to hold standard-sized sandwiches, making them an adaptable solution for food storage needs.
  • FDA-Compliant: Rest assured that our bags meet strict FDA requirements for food applications, ensuring your food products are safely stored and packaged for consumption.

Elevate your food packaging with Universal Plastic's 1.2 Mil Seal Top Zipper Sandwich Bags. These bags offer exceptional protection and convenience, whether for your food establishment, catering business, or daily use. Trust Universal Plastic for top-quality food storage solutions prioritizing safety and customer satisfaction in the food industry.
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H07RC6" X 6"1,000 5 lbs$24.49$23.26$22.04

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