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2.75 Mil Slide Sealed Bags

Universal Plastic provides the perfect 2.75 mil Slide Sealed Bags that combine convenience, accessibility, and FDA-approved safety for your food products. Our 2.75 mil Slide Sealed Bag are tailor-made for the Food Industry, ensuring your goods are stored, displayed, and protected with utmost care.

Key Features:
  • Optimal Convenience: Our 2.75 mil Slide Sealed Bag are designed to offer unparalleled convenience, making them an excellent choice for items that require frequent access. Whether you're storing fresh ingredients, pre-packaged treats, or ready-to-serve delicacies, these bags will keep your products organized and easily accessible.
  • Easy Slide Seal Closure: With the Food Industry in mind, we've engineered these bags with an easy-to-use slide seal closure that guarantees effortless access, even with gloved hands. Say goodbye to fumbling with traditional closures and embrace the smooth functionality of our Slide Sealed Bags.
  • Compliance with FDA Standards: We prioritize the safety of your food products. Rest assured. Our 2.75 mil Slide Sealed Bag fully comply with FDA requirements for use in food applications. You can confidently store perishables and consumables without any concerns.
  • Versatility in Sizes: We understand that the Food Industry caters to a diverse range of products. Our Slide Sealed Bags are available in ten different sizes, allowing you to find the perfect fit for all your packaging needs. From small portion packs to bulk storage, we've got you covered.

Embrace the simplicity and functionality of Universal Plastic's 2.75 mil Slide Sealed Bag, your ideal packaging companion in the Food Industry. Trust in our premium quality and compliance with FDA standards to keep your products safe and customers satisfied. Make the smart choice for your food business today - order Universal Slide Sealed Bags and revolutionize how you store and display your delicious offerings!
SKU SIZE Case Qty Weight Buy 1 Buy 6 Buy 11 Select Qty
FSL306066" X 6"250 3 lbs$15.34$14.57$13.80
FSL306096" X 9"250 4 lbs$17.82$16.93$16.04
FSL308078" X 7"250 5 lbs$20.28$19.26$18.25
FSL308108" X 10"250 5 lbs$24.57$23.34$22.11
FSL309129" X 12"250 7 lbs$31.74$30.15$28.56
FSL3010710" X 7"250 6 lbs$23.94$22.74$21.54
FSL3121512" X 15"250 11 lbs$48.42$46.00$43.58
FSL3131813" X 18"250 14 lbs$65.14$61.88$58.62
FSL3141114" X 11"250 10 lbs$45.28$43.02$40.75
FSL3161216" X 12"250 12 lbs$52.68$50.04$47.41

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