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1.0 Mil Wholesale Wicketed Bags

Universal Plastic's premium collection of 1.0 mil wholesale wicketed bags, available in both printed and unprinted options, caters to the diverse packaging needs of the food industry. With a generous bottom gusset and a convenient lip closure, these bags offer unparalleled convenience for quick and efficient filling, whether on a machine or a manual filling station. Experience the perfect synergy of functionality and versatility with universal plastic's 1.0 mil bottom gusset bags on wicket dispenser.

  • Printed and Unprinted Options: Choose from our printed or unprinted Bottom Gusset Bags to suit your branding and packaging requirements. The printed bags add a professional touch to your food products, while the unprinted ones offer flexibility for customized labels or stickers.
  • Convenient Wicket Dispenser: Bags Mounted on a wicket dispenser offer easy access, facilitating smooth and efficient filling in bustling food industry environments.
  • Generous bottom Gusset: The spacious bottom gusset allows these bags to accommodate various food items, making them ideal for bagels, coffee rolls, and other similar-sized delicacies.
  • Secure Lip Closure: These bags' reliable 1 ½ inch lip closure feathers ensure the sealed containment of your food items, maintaining their freshness and flavors during storage and transportation.
  • FDA-Compliant: Our polyethylene bags are manufactured from virgin materials that comply with FDA regulations. Our bags are safe for direct contact with food items.

Upgrade your food packaging solutions with universal plastic's adaptable 1.0 mil wholesale wicketed bags. Trust universal plastic for premium-quality packaging solutions tailored to the unique needs of the food industry.
SKU SIZE Case Qty Weight Buy 1 Buy 6 Buy 11 Select Qty
10G-6145POT6" X 3 1/2" X 16 1/2"1,000 11 lbs$50.25$47.73$45.22
10F-0614+3BGWCLRY6" X 14 1/2" + 3 1/2 BG + 1 1/2 LP1,000 7 lbs$47.72$45.34$42.95
10F-1016+4BGW10" X 16" + 4 BG + 1 1/2 LP1,000 12 lbs$45.78$43.49$41.20
10F-1114+4BGW11" X 14" + 4 BG + 1 1/2 LP1,000 12 lbs$43.54$41.36$39.18
10F-1118+4BGW11" X 18" + 4 BG + 1 1/2 LP1,000 15 lbs$53.62$50.94$48.26
10F-1420+4BGW14" X 20" + 4 BG + 1 1/2 LP500 12 lbs$40.05$38.05$36.05
10BG-097515W9 3/4" X 15" + 4 1/2 BG + 1 1/2 LP1,000 12 lbs$62.42$59.30$56.18

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