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2.0 Mil Double Pull Drawstring Bag

A double pull drawstring opens easily and provides a secure closure and a convenient means of hanging the bag. These bags are available in both clear and clear with a white write-on block for easy product labeling and  identification.This is an excellent economical substitute for cloth drawstring bags. Just some of the uses include: parts, work orders, manuals, samples, personal belongings, hotel guest courtesy bag, retail packaging, craft stores and more.Meet FDA requirements for use in food applicationsMade from seamless tubing and are bottom sealed for extra strength, with no slits or side sealsBags 15” wide and under come in dispenser packs of 100
SKU SIZE Case Qty Weight Buy 1 Buy 6 Buy 11 Select Qty
DS203053" X 5"2,000 6 lbs$314.42$298.70$282.98
DS204064" X 6"2,000 9 lbs$342.30$325.18$308.07
DS204084" X 8"2,000 9 lbs$310.19$294.68$279.17
DS205085" X 8"2,000 13 lbs$361.39$343.32$325.25
DS206086" X 8"1,000 8 lbs$204.57$194.34$184.12
DS206106" X 10"1,000 10 lbs$247.50$235.12$222.75
DS208128" X 12"1,000 13 lbs$262.39$249.27$236.15
DS209129" X 12"1,000 17 lbs$331.92$315.33$298.73
DS295149 1/2" X 14"1,000 20 lbs$349.82$332.33$314.84
DS2121812" X 18"1,000 32 lbs$500.36$475.34$450.32
DS2151815" X 18"1,000 37 lbs$545.25$517.98$490.72

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